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Korea LED professional company Seoul Semiconductor also launched a patent war

Oct 10, 2017

Along with the LED industry to develop prosperity and LED-related patent issues, the problem has always been the LED industry has been staged in the matter!

September 19, Korea LED professional company Seoul Semiconductor and its subsidiaries, said that the infringement of the subsidiary Acrich Technology, product sales of the United States LED lighting company, the United States Federal Court of California filed a patent infringement lawsuit.

Seoul Semiconductor in the pleadings, said Archipelago Lighting, Inc., including the sale of several LED lamps LED lamp, violated the Seoul semiconductor 12 related patents. The patented Seoul semiconductor Acrich patents include high voltage drive LED drive technology, multi chip manufacturing and multiple knot technology (MJT), led packaging, filament led manufacturing technology, led epitaxial growth and chip manufacturing technology, all of which are necessary core technologies for manufacturing and driving LEDs.

According to data, traditional LEDs usually drive a LED (device) with a high current at a low voltage of 3V. Therefore, in order to improve the brightness of illumination, it is necessary to configure multiple components and connect the components to each other (cabling). As a result, the size of the drive circuit increases, the price increases, and the likelihood of failure due to wiring is high.

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Photo Description: Compared with the previous led Acrich

However, Acrich with the optimization of LED drive technology, multiple LED chips can be integrated into a small area of high-pressure operation and multiple chip installation technology (MJT), you can use a small number of LEDs at the same time to obtain high voltage and output. The overall efficiency of the product (Wall-plug efficiency) is high because it is directly driven from AC without the converter, because it can minimize power loss in the circuit without the power conversion process. Not only that, as the number of LEDs used decreases and the space utilization increases, this simplifies the design of the circuit and reduces the size and cost of the illumination.

"At present, the use of replication Acrich technology led TV, general lighting and automotive lighting products have been extensively investigated," said Seoul Semiconductor Central Institute. "In order to protect the Acrich technology developed by the Seoul Semiconductor for decades, the enterprises that ignore the infringement of the patent warning and continue to use the infringing Act will be actively corresponding to the patent lawsuit." This will allow young people and SMEs to see hope. ”

Senior Engineer LED access to the information learned that this is not Seoul Semiconductor in 2017 launched the first patent infringement lawsuit. As early as April 13, Seoul Semiconductor website issued a statement that the global electronic components Distributor Mouser Electronics (Trade ze Electronics) company violated its high-power led-related patents, has filed a lawsuit in Düsseldorf district Court in Germany.

Seoul Semiconductor related people said that patent infringement products are the world's top ten led manufacturers-billion optoelectronics and most led manufacturers produce high-power led, mouser (trade ze) due to the sale and circulation of these enterprises led products and become the object of this lawsuit.

Seoul Semiconductor has a large patent network, its patented technology content is higher. In its patent lawsuit, has won the end. In June this year, Seoul Semiconductor won a patent lawsuit against American Kmart. Kmart is a global retailer, with a 120-year history, with annual sales of 30 trillion won (about US $ more than 26 billion), due to infringement of Seoul Semiconductor led patents were sued, and finally decided to accept Seoul semiconductor requirements, interrupted the sale of related products.

It is understood that Seoul Semiconductor is a professional manufacturer of semiconductors in Korea, has more than 10,000 patents in the field of semiconductors, its independent research and development of unpackaged led, multiple-structure chip, DC AC can drive Acrich, UV sterilization, and other four innovative technologies, leading the global led field of development. After winning a patent lawsuit against China's Taiwan glory in 2003, Seoul Semiconductor has successively launched more than 50 patent wars in the United States, Europe, Japan and South Korea, all of which ended in victory.