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Billion light active attack lighting and automotive LED market

Oct 11, 2017

Billion light said that billion-ray infrared products, including optical mask (Opto interrupter), regardless of the distance-sensitive reflective optical mask or object masking detection of the opposite type of optical mask, digital (SMT) and encoder type (ECD), any size, operating range, Light current and inductive ability.

Billion light can be provided according to demand, the latest new SMT1601 (17x12.3x8mm) for 3-in-1 modules, digital output, high sensitivity, easy installation, this 3-in-1 module to reverse hook-and-tenon chikan into the PCB, connectors can be used with plug, in the use of the welding can save trouble, and indirectly improve customer assembly efficiency, Completely eliminates the traditional optical mask welding fixed on the PCB, and then connectors to do the assembly process, Optical Encoder (Encoder) ECD1601 and ECD1602 as a disguised bit output, the resolution of the 360LPI/150LPI, the sense of spacing is 0.5mm/2mm, The reaction speed is better, the accuracy is higher, may parse the more precise signal, the optical mask is widely used in the projector, the scanning machine, the digit monocular, the multi-purpose transaction machine, the printer and the vending machine.

Billion light points in the optical coupler section, as a result of the vast number of power supply-related, meters, communications equipment, industrial control, such as the city into demand, billion light continuously expand the product range of optical coupler, general-type optical coupler has dip, LSOP, SOP and Ssop 4 types of package, high-speed optical coupler is 1mbit/s, 5mbit/ S, $number and 15mbit/s, high-power SCR (Photo power Triac) has ELR0223, 1223, 2223 and 3223 series, each other 0.3A, 0.6A, 0.9A and 1.2A for selection, the new ELR3223 series of excellent/and high power tolerance, making it more responsive to the high demand for TRIAC applications, such as white appliances and industrial units, all of which are consistent with energy Star and COC V5 specifications.

Automotive interior New 42-51 Chip led series, Dimensions 1.6 (L) x0.8 (W) x1. (H), with the same brightness as the traditional 3528PLCC package, but the size of a full small 50%, its compact size can save the space required for the design of the body, suitable for dashboard and tracer applications.

Situational Lighting El Micro Multi, TopView RGB and Multi color series, each other for 2-crystal (WW&CW), 3-Crystal (RGB) and four-crystal (Rgby) ceramic packaging, can be operating brightness, mixed light and the other points of light, with moisture-resistant grade up to MSL level 1, 8KV ESD antistatic capability.

Head Trace Alfs Series (headlamp $number chip), the polycrystalline control in the minimum spacing, so that the optical approach to a single point of light source, enhance the vehicle head trace optical requirements, while the dark and dark cut-off line is clearer, and the standard , compared with the tracer bubble, improve the visibility of the road, in line with the head trace, painting whereabouts, fog trace application

In order to fully meet the car with high quality and increasingly strong demand for capacity, billion light set up a car with the exclusive wisdom of the factory-gongs factory, billion light is confident enough to satisfy the requirements of the customers.

In addition, the exhibition at the same time display a variety of different sizes, radiation intensity, luminous angle of transmission receiving components (IR, pd/pt), applied to e-books, electronic whiteboard, blood oxygen meter, household cleaners and other life products, lighting and display screens and other LED-related applications.

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