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The two countries to implement safety and mandatory certification of LED bulbs

Oct 13, 2017

LED lighting in the field, the various countries for LED lighting product standards have their own different regulations, recently, the two countries promulgated a new standard!

Australia/New Zealand Standards Bureau released/4417. 2:2012 Electronic and electrical products compliance Mark Standard Fourth Edition revision standard A4:2017. The revisions extend the list of regulated products, redefine the security level of some products, and update some of the product definitions. 

It is noteworthy that the revision will be led bulbs, small night Lights and other 6 categories of products added to the compulsory certification product range. The standard stipulation, from June 1, 2018 onwards, enters the Australian market the LED bulb and the small night light and so on product must first apply for the mandatory safety certificate (namely SAA attestation).

Details of this amendment include: one is the new Australian Level 3 mandatory control Products: In addition to LED bulbs and small night lights, electric heating water bags, DC isolators, spray guns and flexible blankets (IS) will also be enforced on June 1, 2018; second, New Zealand level 2 products: Balance car, DC/AC electric vehicle (EV) charging pile, cable assemblies, line control and protection devices, these products from June 30, 2017, if sold to New Zealand, at least to provide compliance with the standards of the relevant test reports (also can apply for a safety certificate); Third, the security level is divided: since June 1, 2018, Flexible heating pad, floor polishing machine/scrubber, TV receivers these three products are reduced to level 2 products from Australian level 3 and deleted from the New Zealand level 2 list; four are product definition updates: flexible heating pads, therapeutic lamps and wall switches, etc. product descriptions are also updated in this revision.

It is reported that SAA Australian International Standard Company is Australia's only certification authority. Whether imported or locally assembled electrical products, before entering the Australian market, first of all through the Australian International Standards Company certification. Thanks to the mutual recognition agreements between Australia and New Zealand, all Australian-certified products can be successfully marketed in the New Zealand market. There are two main signs of SAA, one is form recognition and the other is standard mark. The formal certification is only responsible for the samples, and the standard signs need to be reviewed by the factory individually.

The Australian security compulsory certification product scope expands, will greatly increase the enterprise's production, the examination cost; once because the product quality does not meet the standard request, by the Australian market spot checks and informs, will cause the enterprise to suffer the economic loss.

To this end, Jiangsu Suzhou Inspection and Quarantine department to remind the Export to Australia related lighting manufacturers: one is to pay attention to Australia this electronic and electrical product standard revision, to the new edition standard study Research, completes the technical trade measure the response work, achieves the understanding; second, strengthens the product quality self-inspection self-control ability, in the quality control the good raw material clearance , production safety clearance and export inspection clearance, the use of raw materials and components in line with the requirements of the standard; third, to find a professional to conduct testing and certification, in accordance with the standards of importing countries in advance inspection checks, in the transition period before the end of the preparation to prepare.

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