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Breakthrough: Dutch growers use LED-assisted lighting to stimulate the growth of lily flower production

Oct 17, 2017

It is understood that lilies, also known as Narcissus lilies, yellow six flower or parrot Lily, produced from South America, is now all over the world. Plymouth has previously unveiled several horticultural lighting tests, one of which tested tomatoes. In all cases, solid state lighting is used as an auxiliary energy source for plants.

It is understood that the scope of the test under the existing high-pressure sodium lamp lighting environment, and high-pressure sodium lamp can provide 70μmoles/m2/sec optical quantum flux density (light intensity), solid-state lighting test, each 1000W of high-pressure sodium lamp installed next to 7 sets of Plessey Attis LED lights, The optical quantum flux density is increased to 130μmoles/m2/sec.

The line chart shows the cumulative harvesting yield per square metre of lily stems, and contrasts the different results of high pressure sodium lamp illumination and led gardening illumination.

The results showed that in the solid state illumination environment, the production of the flowers increased and the bloom was more flourishing. Together2grow's co-owner, Bernard Zuidgeest, said: "For now, I am very satisfied with the results of the test, under LED lighting conditions, the plant looks more lush and healthy, and the production has increased." Plants can still maintain normal plant temperatures by just having more light, without the extra radiation heat. We are working with Plymouth to experiment with more plant varieties and turn the greenhouse into a hybrid lighting system.

In addition to the 20% increase in production, in LED gardening lighting of the lilies on average growth of 2 grams per rhizome. It is reported that LED lighting system combined with far infrared, super red and blue led. Plessay says the efficiency of the LED is 40% higher than that of a high-pressure sodium lamp.