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LED industry development prospects: Enterprise Holding Group heating strong constant

Oct 17, 2017

Led in 2000 in the domestic rise, rapid development is in 2009-2010, mainly backlit + lighting drive. But since 2014, the saturation of the backlight market has led to a decline in prices, mainly by the rapid penetration of lighting to support the growth of the industry. Now you can see some of the changes that have taken place across the industry, that is, the industry is returning to growth.

Industry resume growth 2016 industry overview

2016 led China's total lighting exports of 16.4 billion U.S. dollars, as the world's major foundry areas, export data can reflect demand-side changes. 2016 Year-on-year 2015 years did not grow, and there is a decline in the trend (compared to 2014 64% growth, 2015 16% growth), indicating that the growth of the industry by lighting to promote difficult to maintain, into a gentle development period.

Chip industry

2016 market for 13.9 billion yuan, year-on-year growth of 9%, 2015 is the year-on-year decline of 7%. The main reason for the reversal is the stable price of the light and the rapid growth of some areas of illumination.

From the supply side, mainland enterprises in 2016 years YoY 13%, Taiwan is-2%, indicating the rapid increase in domestic rate. The nationalization rate of 2014 was 66%, 2015 was 73%, 2016 was 76%, and the domestic rate was always growing. 2017 major manufacturers will continue to expand production capacity, the next period of time chip domestic rate will further improve. In the past years, Taiwan's technical advantages are obvious, popular in the mainland, but in recent years, the three-headed manufacturers and the gap between the crystal power has been shrinking, even in some products have surpassed. On the other hand, 2015 export rate of 8%, 2016 9.6%, overseas markets are also open up.

Industry concentration, 2016 years ago, the top ten manufacturers accounted for 77%, the level is higher, the first three respectively is three Ann (29%), Crystal Electricity (13%), Huazan (8%), the future is the concentration of further ascension and strong constant state.

Packaging industry

The 2016 market was 58.9 billion, the year-on-year growth of 6%, 2015 compared to 2014 growth of 2%, mainly price and terminal demand factors. Packaging and the chip industry is different from the international manufacturers, the 2016 mainland manufacturers growth rate 8%, Taiwan enterprises growth of 1%, international business growth 4%. The future is still the fastest growth, to the mainland manufacturers to expand production-oriented, technology gap has been shrinking, especially in the field of white light, international enterprises to eliminate the advantages.

The nationalization rate continued to rise in 2015 at 66%, 2016 67%. The domestic rate is lower than the chip, mainly because the international factory in high-end fields such as car use and mobile phone flash, or have the absolute right to speak, the technical threshold is very high.

2016 mainland manufacturers 29.5 billion production value, 8% growth rate. Industry concentration continued to improve, 2015 years ago ten cities accounted for 39%, 2016 43%. Specific manufacturers see: China's market share is the first Japan-Asia chemical 7%, the second Linsen 6.9%. Other Philips and other international still has a relatively high share, Cun, Hong Li and other local manufacturers can still row to the top 10, respectively ranked sixth and eighth.

Future development forecast for industry

2015-2020 industry into the shuffle period, 2009 years or so 20%-30% growth in the future is very difficult to appear, 2015-2020 package composite growth rate of about 6%, gentle development.

Chip industry ushered in the inflection point, chip in the second half of 2010 after the general comparison of miserable, finally ushered in a turnaround. This year the supply side is very tight, some areas (small pitch) blue green light, no matter the three orders are twice times capacity. In the next two years, chip companies will improve their bargaining power, packaging companies will be reduced. In addition, international plants such as Samsung and Philips may shrink their capacity, and the trend is to find factories in China.

Demand side: For example, the previous international market (India, Russia) requires a lamp, now imported lamp beads, power supply. Because the local development of the manufacturing industry from the simple lighting, and chip short time to achieve self-sufficiency.

Predict the future of the industry will appear to embrace the phenomenon, such as the three-security system, Huazan system, Linsen system, holding Regiment heating. Other manufacturers are more difficult to survive, that is, before the industry concentration increase + leading strong logic.

Small spacing from 2014 onwards to show rapid growth, the main manufacturers of the situation: Liard from 2014 to 2016 compound growth rate of 70%, 2016 is more outbreak; Chau Ming 80%; Ebbison 70%. The spacing is reduced by half and the dosage is increased several times.