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Can wood be made of lamps? This high-force lighting makes home art

Oct 31, 2017

Plastic, metal heat sinks and other materials combined together, this is the majority of lighting LED light composition. For those who pursue style, meaning and taste, this kind of home lighting lamp will never be in the eye.

Nosigner lights from Japan may be able to meet the needs of those above.

The reason why we want to do it ourselves is because it does not have the profound technical content. The lamp is in the most original way to achieve the goal, but simple and effective.

The pure white or warm white led wick is sandwiched between the solid wood and the projection light becomes softer in the reflection of the wood itself.

A piece of wood from the middle incision, it becomes a light

"Tree eyes" everywhere.

LED light.jpg

Very good with solid wood flooring

The real "original ecology"

The production team does not do the lamp itself fine processing, but the late task left to the user to play and imagine. You can move this wood lamp home and polish and transform it as you think.

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