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Landscape lighting to reduce the energy consumption peak in summer

Nov 02, 2017

 The hot summer is about to go, but the power of the autumn Tiger is still great, the temperature did not follow the arrival of the beginning of autumn gradually cooling, the peak of electricity is beyond doubt, the conditions gradually improve the natural is to create a more comfortable environment, we are all right in the air-conditioned room, of course, the natural gradually increase in electricity consumption, electricity pressure naturally increased, Therefore, Jiangsu electric power companies naturally think how to save power, the appropriate closure of landscape lighting equipment and other policies naturally bear the brunt.

    It is understood that the Jiangsu power grid dispatching power load for the first time exceeded last year's highest value of 84.8 Million-kilowatt, reached 85.45 Million-kilowatt, on July 21, 0.77%; July 22, under the influence of high temperature air-conditioning load, Jiangsu power grid dispatching power load soared 3.34 Million-kilowatt, to 88.79 Million-kilowatt, again hit a new record. July 23, Jiangsu power grid dispatching power load for three consecutive days to refresh the history record, reached 89.01 Million-kilowatt. July 25 13:10, the province's biggest dispatch power load breakthrough 90 Million-kilowatt mark, achieves 92.38 Million-kilowatt, becomes the historical high, the regulation landscape illumination also imperative.

     According to the introduction, in order to ensure that the province's summer peak units stable hair, the state-network Jiangsu Electric Power Company is closely concerned about the temperature situation, take a number of measures, and actively strive for outside resources, to the maximum extent to meet the demand for electricity in the province.

Since the beginning of this year, the power supply in most parts of the country has been strained. From the current situation, it is expected that the hottest in Jiangsu is July ~ September, the highest electricity load in our city will reach 95 Million-kilowatt, the year-on-year growth of more than 13%, the largest power gap will reach 20 Million-kilowatt, accounting for about 20% of electricity demand.

     To this end, our city will be in accordance with the dry season and abundant water period to develop a 6-level orderly power plan, to protect the residents of electricity. It is understood that 6 grades are based on electricity or electricity gap accounted for the largest demand for electricity consumption ratio, the power supply and demand balance in a major change, the programme will be timely adjustment. In addition to the emergency, the user to implement, change, cancel the orderly use of electricity measures, the power companies will be through announcements, telephone, text messages and other ways to inform. In addition, the City Electric Power company will also increase the power of outsourcing electricity.

    When you go out for a walk in the evening, you may find that the city is getting darker, and that is also the practice of an orderly electricity program. Ordered electricity will follow the "first wrong peak, peak, and then power rationing, the final brake" order to arrange electricity balance. Under the tense situation of power supply, some electric power enterprises will be the focus of restricted objects, including urban landscape lighting and light engineering, will be a modest turn off the lights to save electricity.

    However, in order to ensure the use of electricity, water supply, energy supply and other infrastructure users, major social activities, hospitals, financial institutions, schools and other related people's lives and property security users, emergency command and disposal departments, agricultural production of electricity 6 sectors, electricity will first be guaranteed, and secondly for urban landscape lighting equipment can be relatively reduced, Use energy on the blade.