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Chinese lamps and lanterns during Diwali setback India's market is harder to develop

Nov 03, 2017

India's annual Diwali, the Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, released a report this year, which shows that sales of decorative products from China (such as lamps, gifts, wall hangings, etc.) are likely to drop by 40%-45% Assocham. "While the market has a huge demand for high-end Chinese-made lamps, it is also shrinking," the report said. Indians also prefer local products to Chinese ones. And because of the quality of Chinese products, sellers are unwilling to vouch for any selling Chinese goods. ”

Diwali, held annually in October or November, is an important Hindu festival. In order to meet Diwali, every household in India lights candles or oil lamps because they symbolize light, prosperity and happiness. The importance of Diwali in Indian traditional festivals is like Chinese Spring Festival. Over the past two years more and more traditional oil lamps, candles are replaced by more environmentally friendly electronic lights, among them, China's lighting because of cheap beauty, India's Diwali has become a hot product, in addition, electronic simulation candlestick, water curtain cold hanging, rotatable laser bulbs and other Chinese lighting products are more and more popular with Indian customers.

Indian electronics retailers say Chinese products on Diwali have increased by 50% since 2014, when domestic suppliers ' prices are much more expensive and less competitive than Chinese products. From the colorful lights, jewelry, to a dazzling range of firecrackers, toys, Chinese goods once again to the ultra-high cost-effective to seize the Indian market.

India's prime minister, Modi, has also tried to boost its manufacturing industry through an "Indian-made" plan, but seems to have done little.

However, during last year's Diwali, sales of Diwali lanterns and LED lights in China fell by 30% to 50% in Mumbai, as "social media unleashed a wave of boycott of Chinese goods that spread over India".

However, according to people involved in India led trade, this is mainly the Indian government in 2015 issued a pair of imports to India led in the BIS certification, strictly enforced in 2016. The domestic production of LED has been inconsistent with the corresponding standards, can not enter the Indian market. At the same time, the domestic production of LED lamps some low-cost advantage has gradually disappeared.

In India this year, the third group of 13 categories of electronic products were added to the mandatory registration product range, and began on February 16, 2018, the 13 categories of electronic products including embedded LED lights, led floodlight, UPS uninterruptible power supply or inverter, home adapters, smart watches and so on. When importing products within the scope of the 109 compulsory import certification products of the Indian Standards Bureau, foreign producers or importers of India must first apply to the Indian Standards Bureau (BIS) for the certification of imported products, and the customs shall release the imported goods on the basis of the certificate of certification.

India is an important exporter of mechanical and electrical products of the Yangtze River delta, the 13 categories of electronic products will continue to be included in mandatory certification, the Yangtze River delta will be exported to India electronic products will bring greater impact.

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