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Is the global LED bulb a low price promotion?

Nov 13, 2017

The retail average price of the LED bulb, which replaces the 40-watt incandescent lamp, slipped 1.7% to $6.2; the retail average of the LED bulb, which replaces the 60-watt incandescent, fell 1.7% to 7.4 dollars. 

Ledinside analyst Yu Bin said that in the fourth quarter, in order to impact sales, some manufacturers to adopt low-cost promotional strategies, October global LED bulb prices continued to decline.

LED device prices remain stable, a number of manufacturers to launch new products

China led packaging, October prices continue to stabilize. Compared to 8 September, the October led industry has warmed up, led chip manufacturers inventory although some upgrade, but is still within the normal range, chip prices continue to stabilize, resulting in led packaging prices are relatively stable. Some manufacturers have introduced new products, in the power aspect, Lumileds released the fashion retail and food lighting market in the Luxeon stylist series, its 2835 and 3014 products using freshfocus technology, emphasizing the full gamut and high light quality; Hong Li launched the anti-vulcanization "screen Seal" series led, including AT50/AT70, reliability improvement, life Extension, international manufacturers Branch Rui, SSC also introduced new products, small volume, high-brightness, high color is the main pursuit of direction.

Impact sales, the European region of the price of bubble lamps significantly

Global LED bulb, replaced 40 watts, German regional prices fell 4.1%, the largest decline in the region, the price of some products is obvious, the main reason for the manufacturers of Low-cost Shang strategy, such as Osram 4W 470lm bulb lamp, the price fell to 5.87 U.S. dollars, the decline reached 26%. Other brands including Philips, Sylvania and other products prices have also slipped. British regional prices fell 4%, most of the product prices have slipped, in addition Osram introduced 2 new products, are 6W 470lm, the price is lower than the average market price. China's regional prices fell 1.1%, most of the product prices remained stable, Philips several products prices have been reduced. Japan's regional price rose 1.2%, Panasonic introduced a variety of new products, light efficiency than the original products, but the price is higher than the market average. In other regions, the United States slipped 1.9%, China's Taiwan region slipped 2.6%, and South Korea remained stable.

Instead of 60 watts, the British region fell 3.7%, in addition to some market prices of original products, Osram, Philips have introduced low-priced new products, which Philips introduced 8w 806LM bulb lamp, 4 installed price only $9.3, far below the market average. Japan's regional prices fell 3.6%, Panasonic, Toshiba and other markets of the original products, prices have a larger decline, but the new products, prices above the market average price. In other regions, Germany slipped 2.8%, China slipped 1.5%, the United States Rose 1.1%, and South Korea and Taiwan remained stable in China.

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