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Market-oriented, led transparent display of the first dew

Nov 13, 2017

In the context of advocating energy-saving and environmental protection and building a beautiful China, the traditional LED display has been affected by national policy in the course of development, and is facing the challenge of development, or limitation. For example, outdoor display large screen, because of its light pollution problems, or like the city "psoriasis" affect the appearance of the city and other reasons, some places have already enacted provisions, great restrictions, and even prohibit the installation of LED outdoor display. For the installed outdoor large screen, a "demolition" action is taken. In this way, the development of conventional LED display has caused a very unfavorable situation. But for the transparent screen, but there is no such problem, rather say is facing a rare development opportunities.

According to relevant data, the current China's modern glass curtain wall area has more than 70 million square meters, mainly concentrated in urban areas, so large glass curtain wall, the LED transparent screen is undoubtedly a very large potential market. Moreover, in recent years, with the development of modern town construction in China, the use of glass curtain wall structure of building more and more, transparent screen this indoor installation, outdoor viewing characteristics are unique, can well avoid the review system of conventional display. Transparent screen This is attached to the installation of glass curtain wall, in addition to the rise in the domestic, in the foreign market, has always been in environmental standards demanding extremely stringent European and American markets are also very popular.


From the national conditions to the policy, to the enterprise dynamics, all these signs seem to indicate that the transparent screen market is on the eve of the big outbreak, the next 3-5 years, the transparent screen market is expected to usher in a period of rapid growth. However, due to the current industry engaged in transparent screen production of the display companies are not many, with transparent screen patent technology enterprises less, once the future transparent screen market volume, for those industry pioneers, the first in the field of transparent screen, with transparent screen patented technology enterprises, no doubt have a first-mover advantage, more competitive.

For those who do not have the transparent screen technology reserve, it is possible to be "shut out" of the transparent screen market. Therefore, the State and Ebbison and other listed enterprises through the acquisition or investment in the way, not only to avoid the transparent screen in the market appear patent disputes, but also to obtain the relevant patented technology, so that by virtue of their strong ability to quickly occupy the market.

Finally, it is worth mentioning that, in addition to the current Ebbison, Chau Ming, the industry is rumored that another listed enterprises in the industry is also actively planning the acquisition industry within a transparent screen market has a competitive advantage of transparent screen enterprises. Does it mean that the future LED display will become a transparent screen?

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