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The advantages of LED anchor lamp How to select

Nov 13, 2017

LED Anchor Lamp 

Advantages of LED Anchor lamp

It has small size, low power consumption, long service life characteristics, durable. Low consumption, long life, easy installation, elegant style, waterproof leakage, water-proof; 

1, LED lighting advantages, LED light source life long, no accident almost need not change light bulbs, one construction, several years use. 

2, the advantages of LED anchor lamp, low power consumption, no need for lighting, landscaping and pay high tariffs. 

3, the advantages of LED anchor lamp, waterproof, dustproof, pressure and corrosion resistance. 

How to choose LED Anchor lamp

Used LED anchor lamp friends should be able to know the use of LED anchor lamp, its practicality is a big bright spot. Now for many aisle decoration will use the foundation lamp, it can drive around the light sense and human body induction, popular point is the light when it will be bright, should not be bright when the natural light. LED anchor Lamp How to choose, now a lot of the light source of the foundation is led, and LED is a green light source, low heat and no stroboscopic, no radiation, no pollution of the cold light source, there is no filament light burning, light decay fast and so on shortcomings, so the service life is quite long. 

Installation method of LED anchor lamp

First set up to install the LED anchor lamp position, height of about 30cm from the ground, of course, this height you can refer to the advice of the decoration master, or to your own preferences. The location of the reservation is open and the hole size is 86mm*86mm depth of 35mm. Note: These three parameters can be slightly increased 2mm to 5mm or so. Because it can also be used to fill those cracks with concrete. Then put the bottom box into the open hole and connect the power. Keep in mind that you must remember to switch off the power supply before you connect it. 

LED Anchor Lamp 

The bottom box is fixed in the opening and then the next step, put the LED anchor lamp inside the bottom box. Use screws to fix the base lamp and the bottom box. If you find the screw bit is around, and we can not match this up and down screw bit, free equipped with a bracket, you can solve the problem perfectly. So how much is the height of the installation of the anchor lamp? Mounting height How much is it really a question of everyone? Generally in the indoor installation to consider the distance from the ground at around 0.3M is more appropriate, because this height can maintain the night people's visual balance, even the soft light is as far as possible to achieve the best visual effect. 

The characteristic of the LED anchor lamp is here, now many aisles will be installed LED anchor Lamp, because the LED anchor lamp practicality is quite high, and we need it will be bright, it does not need when it is not bright, and there will be no radiation, there will be no pollution. Everyone in the installation, the height of the LED anchor lamp is about 30 centimeters, we install the time can also be based on the advice of the decoration Master to choose the appropriate height.