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New Breakthroughs! LED plant plants successfully cultivate edible rose

Nov 15, 2017

LED plant plants In addition to the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, now can also cultivate roses! According to reports, Taiwan Province Zhanghua County University of Large-leaf molecular biology Science and Technology department Professor Yu Chonghan has led the students in the LED plant plant to successfully grow edible roses, under the control of the whole environment, quality and stability and completely do not need to use pesticides, can let the public eat at ease. 

Yu Chonghan says many restaurants will use a flower swing, although the flowers are only decorated, but with food, always want to be safe and secure, so he tried to use led plant plants to cultivate flowers, providing a safer restaurant choice. At present, the varieties of the experiment planted for the Bulgarian Rose, belong to the edible rose, tissue culture seedlings on the shelves, about 1.5 months to two months will open the first flower, after harvesting, every 2-3 weeks can be harvested again. 

Yu Chonghan said that Bulgarian roses if harvested in bud, can make scented tea, blooming flowers can be fresh food, and because the planting process in the pesticide-free, pest-free plant, consumers can enjoy.