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In addition to Thailand, Germany also called the lighting manufacturers nuggets !

Nov 17, 2017

Southeast Asian markets are rapidly growing in demand for lighting products, printed circuit boards, energy storage equipment and energy-related equipment. Thailand, which is in an important area in Southeast Asia, will also be bought by buyers from neighboring countries such as Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia and even India. For exhibitors overseas, there is an opportunity to reach out to the regional market guests outside the Thai local market. Most of the buyers are channel and regional traders, Thai local projects and so on. 

Taiwan manufacturers in this exhibition include Tatsu power, 3J IOT, Ming, seven UNITA, Lin Hong Technology, Aurex, Reyen lighting, Ledlink Rade grams, Aurona, Yu Hao Enterprises, full-time industry, Coloradd Tech and so on. 

Ledinside observation, also includes the lamp, the lamp assembly needs 0 components, the power supply system, in the Thai local market demand is high, needs the overall building to install the plan the System solution, as well as the intelligent building integration ability the project buyer also becomes more, although the Taiwanese manufacturers and including the Netherlands Philips, Germany Schneider and Japan and other foreign competition, this area is still a good opportunity for development. 

And Thailand's market sensitivity to prices, like other emerging markets, too expensive things to sell, unless it is to do for higher-order guests, project integrators high margin standard case, in the existing access market LED light source products are low-cost to can not be lower, and LED lighting products are a certain amount of production of parity lamps, The local market in Thailand, the decoration and new projects required lighting products, compared to the advanced market is still a low price route. 

Taiwanese manufacturers have actively cut into the regional market, the challenge is to find the right dealer and partner, the Business contacts in the exhibition, but also need more business to blossom and bear fruit, but a break into the supply chain, in order to grow in the current Southeast Asian market speed, is a worthy investment market. 

Also as "the area along the way" in Germany, the LED lighting industry has a large demand. Germany's energy-saving awareness in recent years, the rising energy price driven by the German architects, public investors and consumers of LED lighting to rapidly improve the acceptance of market demand has overtaken the United Kingdom, Italy and France, the fastest growing European LED lighting market. Currently, lighting accounts for 12% of the daily electricity consumption (excluding heating and water heaters) in European households. European governments hope to achieve the goal of reducing the proportion of lighting in household power consumption by 2050 to 6% by popularizing LED lighting. 

This huge market demand will naturally attract a lot of enterprises, the local lighting exhibition is bound to become the big companies gold nuggets in Germany a perfect way. It is understood that a 80% of the stalls at the lighting Technology Expo in Essen, Germany, will be held in October 2017. 

Germany Essen lighting Electronics and Accessories exhibition is a German professional lighting technology systems, led electronic accessories and equipment exhibition. For lighting electronics manufacturers, including ballasts, power supplies, the exhibition is the best platform, because it is a display range in favor of Ballasts, transformers and other control devices, as well as drives, converters, capacitors and other power electronics exhibition. The exhibition brings together industry senior engineers, corporate decision makers, wholesalers and retailers, and other professional target customer groups, to ensure that exhibitors on the highest end of the platform to display products, and more direct understanding of the latest trends and the most advanced science and technology.