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Taiwan plant plants successfully cultivate edible rose

Nov 20, 2017

It is reported that Taiwan Province Zhanghua County, associate professor of molecular biotechnology at the University of Great Yeh, Yu Chonghan only Whole Taiwan, the successful development of LED plant plants is not only to grow vegetables, but also to cultivate roses, plant plants to grow edible Bulgarian roses, under the control of the whole environment, quality and stability and completely without pesticides, so that people eat more peace of mind, Bulgarian roses can grow all year round, and the economic value is quite high.

Prof. Yu Chonghan (University of Greater Leaf) 

Yu Chonghan, an associate professor at the Department of Health, said the restaurant used floral decorations and food, and everyone would want it to be safe and secure, so to plant flowers in led plants and provide a safer choice for restaurants. 

Yu Chonghan said that the current experimental plant varieties for the Bulgarian rose, belong to the edible rose, tissue culture seedlings on the shelves, about 1.5 months to two months will open the first flower, after harvesting, every 2-3 weeks can be harvested again. At present, the market value of $number yuan (NT), and Bulgarian roses can grow year round, therefore, the economy is very high. 

Yu Chonghan pointed out that if harvesting in the bud, suitable for making scented tea, blooming flowers can be fresh food, planting process in the pesticide-free, pest-free plant, consumers can enjoy. 

Lin, a graduate student, said the lab had tried to plant roses since last October, and it was not going well at first, after the study was corrected and the first flower was opened two months later. They also set up a control group, found that under different environmental control conditions, the size of the bud will be different, after a year of research, has been able to produce a stable bud large, rich aroma of roses.


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