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Indoor Stadium lighting adjustment to raise the puzzle how to solve the LED motion lighting?

Nov 21, 2017

White light is present in many different tones, and the unit of measurement is K. The lower the K value, the warmer and more yellow the white light tones. For example, the light emitted by an incandescent bulb has a 2800K color temperature. A higher color temperature indicates that white light has a cooler, bluish tint. It is generally believed that 5600K is the midday sun temperature. 

For multi-purpose indoor venues, the color temperature of the white light is an important consideration, because different sport items look better under different white lights. The wood tones of the basketball court and the exposed skin of the player appear to be more active under the warm white dimming (around 4000K). However, in the 4000K of light, hockey ice is dull and dirty, but with 5600K of light to illuminate, the hockey ice appears crisp and clean. 

It is a challenge to use a single lighting system to achieve multi-color white light for sports venues hosting multiple events.

White dimming challenge in indoor area 

Most light sources and lamps emit a white light in the target light. In the past, two different lighting systems were needed to light the arena, create the best conditions for basketball and hockey games, and maintain the lighting level of the match venue. Typically, this is done through a metal halide system with a color temperature of about 5000K and a 2600k-2800k range of high-pressure sodium lamp lighting systems. 

Two lighting systems are used in harmony to obtain the desired light color on the pitch. For hockey games, only 5000K metal halide lamps are used to illuminate the ice, producing the coolest color temperature that the system can provide, but still not up to the best 5600K. In order to improve the color temperature of the basketball match, some metal halide lamps should be used in combination with the high-pressure sodium system. A combination of 5000K and 2700K lamps produces a light temperature on the pitch and falls somewhere within the range. This imprecise and imperfect dual system approach has long been the only option for the arena to achieve a white balance. 

New LED motion Illumination solutions 

LED materials, design and control of the progress of the LED lamps can emit different shades of white light. These color-matching LED motion lighting fixtures combine two of different color temperature (3500K and 6500K) LED lights, then adjust the power of the LEDs into different colors, resulting in a precise color temperature. The versatile Arena can now showcase hockey in a 5600K environment, display basketball in 4000K environments, and maintain the best lighting level at the game venue. All of these can be achieved through an energy-saving white LED motion lighting system.