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Crystal Electric: Watch the mini LED backlight development, can be expected to digest the midwifery

Nov 21, 2017

Crystal Electric Chairman Li Bingjie 17th attended the event, said that although the blue led next year price pressure, but optimistic about the mini LED backlight to the capacity of the digestion, because the mini LED will mainly use Gao Jie wafer production capacity, once the infiltration will be effective to resolve the excess capacity concerns; Crystal Electric as an independent chip supplier, In order to sprint mini LED backlight, Li Bingjie has seen friend Tatsu chairman Peng Wave, for the Crystal Electric and panel factory cooperation to reserve foreshadowing. 

Li Bingjie not to say, in order to mini LED backlight has seen Peng waves, he with group creators chairman Wang also familiarity; As for the phone backlight, the crystal power is locked in the mainland of the non-Apple mobile phone factory, the future of Crystal Electric and panel factory cooperation is worth observing. 

Mini LED backlight to become this wave led-like share of the hand, the production process for the LED factory is already close by, Li Bingjie to the mini LED backlight development is quite optimistic, the supplier reported the analysis of the Li Bingjie, the mini LED backlight in TV and mobile phone progress faster, Compared with the Korean Samsung OLED TV backlight, the mini LED backlight is only 60% of the OLED TV price, to beat the Korean factory OLED TV, the Taiwan factory only rely on Mini LED backlight. Li Bingjie estimated that the 55-inch TV mini LED backlight consumes about 40,000 mini LEDs, the cell phone estimated to see 9,000, it is worth noting that the Mini led consumption of the Lei crystal production capacity is led factory Gao Jie crystal Capacity, the global 5,000 sets of MOCVD to calculate, higher-order capacity of only 500 units , can do mini led production capacity is only 200 units, so if the mini led back light energy pull high permeability, as if the LED into the backlight market in the early years, every year will double growth. 

However, Li Bingjie for the first time to mention the price, there is no price doubts this year, but with the production capacity of the land factory continued to open, frankly next year, the price of the pressure, the crystal electricity is also prepared, next year will not increase the way the machine platform expansion, through the bottleneck, shorten the cycle Time is expected to pull up in the next year to 15%,mini led development speed, the faster the production of crystal power pressure will be smaller.