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Philips Lighting join hands with Baidu, Philips show full access to dueros dialogue AI system

Nov 23, 2017

· Various types of intelligent terminals using Dueros technology will be used to obtain a comprehensive Philips show certification control and a full range of home intelligent lighting experience

· With Baidu Dueros Smart home products will cooperate with Philips show, accelerate the development of intelligent interconnection lighting in China 

Philips Lighting November 16 announced and China's leading technology enterprises Baidu signed a cooperation agreement. Under the agreement, Baidu's next-generation dialogue AI operating system Dueros will become the Philips "Friends of the Show" (Friends of Hue) partners, to ensure the Philips show personalized intelligent lighting system and dueros between the seamless docking. The various types of intelligent terminals equipped with Dueros will be able to control all Philips show personalized intelligent lighting system products, to obtain a full range of home intelligent lighting experience.

"With the rapid development of AI technology, conversational voice interaction can further reduce the threshold of user transmission, access to information, voice will become a new intelligent home control portal," Sridhar Kumaraswamy, Philips Lighting Home lighting system Global Business Director (Business Leader home Systems at Philips Lighting) said, "Philips show system will rely on Dueros, with various types of smart devices and applications to achieve seamless docking, accelerate the development of intelligent interconnection lighting in the era of IoT, to provide users with more scenarios and applications, Promote the use of convenience. ” 

"As a new generation of dialogue AI operating system, Baidu Dueros has been in the smart home, Smart car, as well as mobile and other scenarios to achieve the ability to listen to the device to understand the user to speak, to meet the needs of users. "King Kun, Baidu's secret division general manager, said," The cooperation with Philips Lighting will again expand the Dueros circle of Friends, the most advanced human-computer interaction ability to apply to a wider range of intelligent family experience. Philips Show personalized Smart lighting system users will also be based on this cooperation to get more intelligent device control and better lighting experience. ”

It is reported that Dueros is Baidu's secret business department developed a new generation of dialogue-type artificial intelligence operating system. Equipped with Dueros equipment to allow users to interact with natural language dialogue, the realization of audio-visual entertainment, information inquiries, life services, travel conditions, such as 10 major categories of more than 100 functions of the operation. Dueros is widely used in speakers, television, refrigerators, mobile phones, robots, car, wearable and other scenes and equipment, at home and abroad with Citic Guoan wide-ranging, small fish, Haier, the United States, Lenovo, Harman, TCL, pole rice, small talent and other enterprises to achieve strategic cooperation. At the same time, with the help of the cloud brain, Dueros can learn to evolve and become more and more intelligent. November 16 201,700 degree World Congress, Baidu announced DuerOS2.0 official release. Dueros upgraded to 2.0, into the mobile phone Baidu application, and television and other smart hardware, like, become more "smart." 

After the network and the mobile end, conversational interactive voice control is becoming an important field for the global internet giants to develop. By 2020, the size of China's smart home market is expected to reach 350 billion yuan, intelligent interconnection lighting as an indispensable use of smart homes and the most extensive applications will be further developed through this AI technology, while the Philips show Personalized Intelligent lighting system and Baidu Dueros cooperation will give intelligent home unlimited imagination space.