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What is the advantage of Micro led and Mini led?

Nov 24, 2017

There are insiders said that Micro led and Mini led the advantages of the obvious, the prospect of a period of time, it is expected that this technology will bring more high-energy intelligent display, in mobile phones, televisions, large screen and led small spacing display areas will have a broad space for development. At present, Micro led and mini led in the display industry caused a new round of upsurge, many enterprises have deployed related industries.

Micro led, Mini led, OLED display technology scrambling game

The emergence of new technologies will inevitably lead to the decline of old technology, which is the inevitable development of human science and technology. Micro led, Mini led concept of the birth of the entire display industry caused uproar, what are they? According to the survey found that Micro LED technology, that is, led miniaturization and matrix technology. In simple terms, the high density, tiny size led array integrated on a chip can reduce the pixel distance from the millimeter level to the micron level. Its advantage is that it inherits the high efficiency, high brightness, high reliability and quick reaction time of the inorganic led, and has the characteristics of no backlight, small size, light weight, and can easily realize the effect of energy saving.

Compared with OLED and micro led, the Mini led came out in nearly half a year, although the time is short, it has received great attention. Mini led because of its grain size of about 100 microns, small size and the name, in the backlight, little spacing LED display, large-scale display, car display, such as the subdivision of the field can be applied.

In addition, Micro led, Mini LED technology appears, OLED advantage seems to be completely suppressed. In fact, as early as 2003, OLED because of energy-saving, frivolous, relative to the traditional display has a certain advantage and well-known. In the market, early OLED applications in the MP3 player, now many domestic and foreign mobile phone brands to use it on the phone screen. So far, the application of OLED screen is relatively narrow, and no sample engineering, walking into the practical stage is very difficult.

From Micro led, Mini led, OLED features, performance, in addition to energy-saving, small size, Micro LED resolution of ultra-high, display better, than OLED color easier to debug, luminous life and higher brightness, material more stable. And the mini led through the experiment show, its through the blue led with phosphor white light mini LED, can achieve $number NTSC display effect, can present a more detailed screen picture. Although the OLED is consistent with the mini led thickness, the defect of OLED has caused its great development shackles. Color purity is not enough, life is short, can not achieve production, to a certain extent with micro led, Mini led to form a congenital difference.

How big is the application market? Can commercialization be achieved?

Of course, the discovery of new technology must be applied to the market in order to realize value. Micro led, Mini led, OLED no matter how advantages and disadvantages are to withstand the test of the market. According to the existing market analysis found that Micro led to break the OLED new screen market dominance, in the mobile phone, micro-screen display has great potential. Mini led has won the favor of many large enterprises with its unique advantage, and has carried on the enterprise plan and the market layout.

Sony showed a unique micro-led display technology in last year's IFA exhibition, which aroused the concern of insiders in the clearest quality and color, and Apple's acquisition of Micro-led Display Technology Inc. Luxvue, reflecting its deep plan in the field; In the first half of this year, Foxconn's Hon Hai Group, which plans to adopt four companies to buy a start-up in Washington state, is currently developing assembly technology on micro LED displays, and in January, Sony showed a seamless mosaic of micro LED technology in the U.S. Consumer Electronics Show, Elux. March, Google applied for a new patent, is to use micro LED display to create new Google Glasses ... And so on, Micro LED display technology application, domestic and foreign display industry are very enthusiastic.

In the mini led field, there are also many companies unwilling to abandon this development opportunity, before the advent of a brief show industry has left a deep impression. According to media releases, the crystal Electricity at least with 4 large companies to develop the mini LED technology and products, next year or will be achieved shipments; and Rong Chong believes that the possibility of mini LED TV backlight is very high, so glory has been to the mini LED backlight development; In the near future, Taiwan led companies plan to mini LEDs are used in TV and smartphone backlight fields as well as small spacing screens; South Korea and China are also working together to develop mini LED and micro LED technology. Friend Tatsu Photoelectric chairman Peng said that the Mini led as a backlight technology is very strong, has entered the application phase, but micro LED is still in the experimental stage.

This shows that companies have entered the micro led, Mini led has formed an industry trend, high-quality performance and characteristics for its application and promotion has laid a decisive foundation, but this upsurge also unavoidably has many difficult to conceal the fact. For example, Micro led at present, there are two critical issues, one is the high cost, low yield, production is difficult; the other is micro LED technology is difficult to flexible, if these problems can not be solved, then micro LED technology application will be severely limited. While the mini LED technology can solve the problem of LED display splitting, in small spacing and large-screen applications can be optimized, cost and technology is also a major problem, the realization of commercialization will take time.

The advent of new display technology will promote the advent of intelligent display era

At present, the display industry is constantly being driven by new technologies and new products, China has also played an important role in the world display, and it has been upgraded, showing that China is no longer just the world's largest production base for display products, and more patents and technological innovations have emerged on the world stage, Push China and the world to show a new stage of development.

In this process, "intelligent display" has become a common goal to show the enterprise. "Smart city", "Smart furniture", "artificial Intelligence" and other "intelligent" concept began to be popular, to carry the LED display to achieve the "intelligent" display can be applied to this, for the "Smart Display" inserted on the wings of Take-off.

Throughout the display industry, the intelligent display has been realized: screen fingerprint scanning, face scan, infrared scanning, carrying AR, VR technology, through the screen of new controls and gestures to complete the virtual and realistic synchronization; some information is displayed on different monitors through sensors and intelligent technology. In the future, the promotion and application of Micro led, Mini LED and OLED display technology will create a more advanced and intelligent display effect. So, the intelligent display era is a mighty to human, but when it will arrive, it depends on the display industry many enterprises joint efforts.