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Performance and characteristics of luminaires

Nov 30, 2017


Features: 1 decorative lighting equipment; 2 The use of the representative action is used in the higher ceilings of the indoor space; 3 light bulbs will be used for the use of a special krypton bulb, etc., can emit a flashing light type, not suitable to use the whole surface light-emitting fluorescent lamp.

Note: 1 Most of them have a considerable volume and weight; 2 The installation methods are divided into two simple types, which are directly mounted on the ceiling and suspended by a ceiling hook; 3. If the appliance is too heavy, the ceiling structure must be strengthened.

Floor lamp

Features: 1 lighting equipment; 2 the size and modelling has the rich style, the light source diffusion way will change with the height and the lampshade design; 3 The lampshade is divided into the type which lets the light pass through, as well as the type which the light is concealed, only lets the upper and lower light; 4. Most of the plugs are attached and no additional The furnishings and moving are very simple.

Note: When lighting planning, must pay attention to the location of the vicinity of the device installed sockets.


Features: 1 directly on the ceiling, lighting the entire interior of the lamps and lanterns; 2 Many dwellings use it as the main lighting; 3 The light source mostly uses the annular fluorescent lamp, plus the acrylic lampshade causes the light to spread out, 4 can use the wall the switch or the remote control controls the lamp. The type of remote control may have a stepless or phased dimmer.

Note: The manufacturer's catalogue must be based on whether the ceiling hook is compatible with the bottom of the lighting appliance. (Installation form: square ceiling hook, round ceiling hook, round-hung ceiling hook, all hanging type of flower seat, hanging with embedded flower seat, hanging with bare-type flower seat)


Characteristic: 1 lighting apparatus hanging on the ceiling with a cable or chain; 2 have a variety of different sizes and shapes, lampshade style is also very diverse; 3. The installation method is in the mainstream of the ceiling hooks that do not require electrical engineering, some must be directly fitted to the ceiling or used for lighting.

Note: 1 The use of the ceiling hook, must be placed in the weight of the lamp; 2 the use of cable, the future of the weight of the lamp, will be added to the chain; 3. The Power and switch system is located on the guide rails and must be used to confirm the compatibility of the lighting fixtures.

Outdoor Lighting

Features: 1. The door column lamp, the tube lamp, the spotlights, the courtyard lamp lamp, the lamp shape is diverse; 2 The use of rain-proof lighting is generally used; 3. The use of residential units, can be used as a professional sensor lighting equipment, to give night security guard function; 4) When designing, take into account the visual display and safety guard lamp function.

Note: 1 Even if it is rain-proof type, can not be used in places where the water may be submerged, the ground lighting and nail-mounted spotlights, to avoid setting up in low-lying areas, 2 outdoor utensils must have drainage treatment, and in advance to confirm the construction.


Features: 1 lighting apparatus mounted on the wall, 2 used as illumination for auxiliary lighting, corridor or staircase, and indirect illumination.

Note: In order to avoid the use of the corridor and staircase is to install lights, or moving things encountered, in addition to confirm the lighting itself long, wide size, but also must confirm the height and depth of the assembly position.


Features: 1 lamps used to illuminate the soles of the feet; the use of dwellings is mostly used as scene lights and night Lights; 2 in the bedroom and corridor can be fitted with sensors to automatically control the switch; some can take off the glowing parts and use them when they are in a flash.

Note: 1 The General Assembly height distance from the ground 250~300mm;2) will usually use a single or dual-use switch and to carry out the construction; 3 outdoor occasions will be used for most of the special box buried in concrete, different lighting specifications also vary; 4) assembled in outdoor concrete occasions, Sometimes the box is buried while the construction is started. Late replacement of the words will be more troublesome, this must be noted.

Tube lamp

Features: 1 lighting fixtures buried in the ceiling, 2 fluorescent lamps, LED lights, all kinds of light source can choose; 3) Overall lighting, local lighting, krypton adjust the illumination angle of lighting, wall lamp, etc., can be selected according to different uses of the necessary type.

Note: to 1 residential use of the occasion, mostly with E26 or E17 lampholders compatible. The lamp shape is small, will take the E17 as the annotation, generally divides the light source vertical installment and the crosswise installment two types; 2 must match the ceiling memory space and the ceiling insulation construction, chooses the suitable luminaire 3. Insulation construction method of ceiling and corresponding tube lamp: Filling method: SB type Heat Insulating cushion method SB Type thermal resistance 6.6 K/W the following thermal insulation cushion method: SGI type heat resistance 4.6 K/W The following insulation cushion method: SG type.

Projection lamp

Features: 1 to concentrate on illuminating a part of the room; 2) is divided into the installation in the lighting use of the Guide (line Groove) on the bolt type and directly installed in the ceiling on the wall of the flange type; 3) after the construction, can also easily adjust the number and position; 4 Flange type on the beautiful look more refreshing.

Note: If a large number of bolt-type projection lamps are installed on the same lighting rails, the height of the general residential ceiling will make the lighting fixtures become quite conspicuous, preferably with a maximum of 1000mm guide rails fitted with $number fittings.