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LED change parking lot lighting design and installation of three factors to be considered?

Nov 30, 2017

When you enter the parking lot after dark, most people will not pay attention to the quality of light unless the light is broken. Plenty of light space can make drivers and pedestrians feel safe and easy to drive or walk. On the other hand, insufficient lighting space will not only increase the likelihood of accidents, but also increase crime. 

Builders and lighting engineers know that proper lighting in public spaces is essential. The parking lot deserves special consideration and in-depth study of the following three areas in the planning and implementation process.

1. Structural Considerations 

The first consideration is the design of the lamp rod or lamppost. When researching options, it's not just looking for durable materials. The light itself offers many advantages. LED lights can be designed to support single or multiple lamps, usually the best choice for use in a car park. 

In the United States many streets and car park hid lamps are outdated, gradually eliminated, replaced by modern LED lights. HID lamp does not save energy, will also produce highlights and black spots, reduce visibility, and indirectly increase the crime rate. LED high efficiency, long duration, and can produce accurate control of the light output. This means wasting less light, more visibility and more uniformity in outdoor space after dark. 

2. Lighting Use and Design 

When choosing the right lighting solution, space use is another important consideration. Whether in the new location or in the case of renovation, the luminaire must provide uniform glare-free illumination. But that doesn't mean you need to light up space as much as possible. The misuse of artificial light can lead to light pollution, an increasingly serious problem worldwide. 

Light pollution affects nature in many ways, from the natural migration of animals to the erroneous calculation of flight paths by birds. At the same time, light pollution affects humans and changes the circadian rhythms of nature. The most common sources of light pollution need to be considered to ensure the functional and elegant nature of the design: 

▲ visual clutter: Light combinations cause bright, messy and excessive lighting.

▲ Glare: Extreme brightness causes visual discomfort or disability

▲ Light intrusion: Light travels to unwanted places

▲ Sky Light: The night sky of city or town is illuminated 

3. Installation concerns 

Once you've identified the correct lights, you're ready to install them. Most of the parking lights are installed on reinforced concrete bases, with steel bars supporting the poles. Work with qualified engineers who understand the load conditions. 

Before pouring concrete, make sure the anchor Bolt Circle template conforms to the bolt circle of the bottom of the rod. Remember that the anchor bolt projection (BP)-anchor bolts protrude above the concrete surface-to eliminate unnecessary bending and stress.