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LED will give smart home lighting a new future

Dec 01, 2017

With the construction of mobile animal network and the maturation of the industry chain, the intelligent home solution based on NB-IOT/EMTC will gradually exert its unique advantages, through the unified transmission protocol, break the barrier between different equipments, and facilitate the intelligent home manufacturer to build the intelligent products and services based on the scene, and gradually establish the industry data model, Digging deeper into the value of mass user data. 

With the improvement of living standards, more and more intelligent products into the consumer's family, smart home is no longer high-end consumer market luxury, but more and more widely accepted by ordinary families, and when smart home encounter intelligent lighting, this is a topic worthy of discussion in the present. 

Three trends of intelligent home lighting market 

Intelligent lighting is the basic part of intelligent home, especially suitable for large area housing, it will make life convenient and comfortable. Lighting control system is divided into independent, room-specific or large-scale networking system, in the networked system, dimming equipment installed in the electrical cabinets, by the external equipment such as sensors and Control Panel network to operate. The advantage of networked systems is that they can control different areas of the room from many points. In the family, a control panel can be installed on the wall near the main inlet as the main control point for the extra room. 

Compared with traditional lighting, intelligent lighting can achieve the goal of safety, energy saving, comfort and efficiency, so intelligent lighting has a good prospect in the field of intelligent home. 

Green Application Prospects 

When energy saving and consumption becomes a major issue related to the competitiveness of the international market, resource protection and environmental protection, the construction and transformation of "green home" will become inevitable. In the process of green house construction, the effect of using intelligent illumination control system is very remarkable. The application of green illumination includes the rational use of light source, electrical accessories, lamps, wiring equipment, dimming and control devices. For example, the full use of natural light, the use of efficient and energy-saving electrical accessories (such as the use of energy-saving inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts to replace the traditional high energy consumption inductance ballast), the use of a variety of power-saving control equipment or devices, the use of intelligent lighting control systems. 

Realization of Intelligent lighting 

The use of intelligent lighting control system, can make the lighting system work in a fully automatic state, the system according to a predetermined number of basic conditions to work, these states will be set to automatically switch between the time. For example, when a working day is over, the system will automatically enter the working state of the night, automatically and gently dimming the lights of each area, while the system's mobile detection function will automatically take effect, the unmanned area of the lights will be automatically closed, will be the area of lighting to the appropriate illuminance; can also be programmed to change the illumination of each area, to adapt to a variety of occasions, the requirements of different scenes. Intelligent lighting can automatically adjust the illuminance to the most appropriate level of work. For example, in a place close to the window and other natural lighting better, the system will make good use of natural light illumination, when the weather changes, the system can still automatically adjust the illuminance to the appropriate level. In short, regardless of the change in any place or weather, the system can ensure that the interior illuminance is maintained at pre-set levels. 

Energy-saving effect significantly 

In practical application, intelligent home intelligent lighting system is mainly embodied in the following aspects. First, centralized management, reduce human waste. The phenomenon of man-made waste of lighting energy is very serious, whether people in the room or unmanned, often "lamps". Intelligent lighting system can not only decentralized control and centralized management, management staff through the operation of the keyboard can be closed unattended room lights. Second, the automatic dimming, can make full use of natural light. Light sensing switch in intelligent lighting system by measuring the illuminance of the working surface, comparing with the setting value, controlling the illumination switch can make the maximum use of natural daylight, achieve the goal of energy saving, and also provide a relatively stable visual environment unaffected by seasonal and external climatic environment. 

Generally speaking, the more close to the window natural illumination higher, thus the illumination provided by artificial lighting is lower, but the synthetic illuminance should be maintained in the design illuminance value. Third, convenient installation, saving cable. The intelligent lighting system adopts two-core line control, which connects each input unit, output unit and system element of the system with the bus, and the large section of the load cable is directly connected to the illumination lamp or other electric load from the output of the output unit without passing the intelligent switch. The installation does not have to consider any control relations, after the entire system installation, and then through the software to set the various cell address coding, thus establishing the corresponding control relationship. Because the system only uses the load cable connection between the output unit and the load, compared with the traditional control method, it saves a large number of cables which should be connected to the ordinary switch, shortens the installation time and saves the labor cost. Forth, prolong the life of light source. The fatal cause of the light source damage is the over-voltage of the power grid, and the control over voltage can prolong the life of light source effectively. The Intelligent lighting control system adopts soft start mode, which can control the impact voltage and surge voltage of the power network, so that the filament is free from heat shock and the lamp life is prolonged. Intelligent lighting system can usually make the life of light source extend $number times, not only save a lot of light source, but also greatly reduce the workload of changing the light source, effectively reduce the operating cost of lighting system, but also eliminate the pollution caused by waste light source. 

Led to create intelligent lighting new future 

2014 market capacity of lighting products, LED is still hot and sought after the object, the traditional light source market atrophy, and compared to LED lighting, intelligent lighting market capacity is still very small, but now more and more LED lighting manufacturers through technology integration and research and development, LED and intelligent combination, This is undoubtedly the most obvious trend of intelligent home lighting application. 

LED light source because of its long life, high luminous efficiency and controllable advantages, more and more applications in various fields. And the rise of smart home market LED lighting control, domestic and foreign manufacturers have sniffed business opportunities in the field of lighting control. Philips released the Hue Smart Bulb in 2012. In addition to Philips, many LED lighting manufacturers have seen this opportunity, began to develop support for a variety of intelligent lighting home LED products. Now, led intelligent lighting is becoming an exciting smart home technology. Admittedly, one of the reasons why many users have not actually bought smart bulbs is that they are expensive. For example, the well-known Philips Hue, although providing a wide range of connectivity, and WiFi speakers and other smart home products interactive, but hundreds of yuan a unit price, or prohibitive. You know, lighting system is one of the foundation of home decoration, not everyone can withstand thousands of yuan or tens of thousands of yuan installation costs. 

A good sign is that with the fierce competition, some smart bulbs that sell at low prices are getting more and more. For example, Tabu Lumini led and so on, a single cost of dozens of yuan, although the use of Bluetooth connection, but also to achieve a certain range of wireless switches, color operation, is a very good entry-level products. Low-priced smart bulbs are more important for marketing, allowing more users to try at lower costs. Believe that in the future, the real smart bulb based on WiFi connection will also gradually reduce costs and help users build smarter home lighting systems. 

Intelligent home how to control intelligent lighting 

With the development of Internet, IoT and big data, intelligent home is driving these technologies. Therefore, the smart home industry needs to understand the intelligent lighting some problems. 

1. Use the habit. Because of the lack of understanding of intelligent lighting, it is easy to produce resistance psychology. 

2. Maintenance problems. Intelligent need to be written through the computer and programming, from weak electricity control strong power, to a certain extent, the need to consider maintenance costs and ease of degree. 

3. Market acceptance process. This is related to complexity, most people understand the advantages of intelligent lighting, even if more effective control of electricity tariffs, or a one-time higher input has doubts. 

Some people think that if smart home enterprises for ordinary lighting has not mastered the concept, not to discuss the use of intelligent lighting. In fact, the best solution is whether to establish an effective platform, the demand side, the design side, the supply side to establish contact, to achieve a good effect. Indeed, with regard to the control and management of intelligent home, we need to combine more professional and collective guidance. There are mainly the following aspects: 

1, need to plan according to the design drawing; 2, need to understand and plan customer usage habits; 3, to provide control system related drawings, can be combined with the lighting requirements, furthermore, is the guidance to the owner of the work; 4, the need to analyze the traditional lighting and intelligent lighting differences; 5. Cost Analysis through living forms Understand how to achieve better quality of life through intelligent lighting; 6. Field operating system. 

Starting from these aspects, and constantly expand the market share of intelligent applications. To achieve a good intelligent lighting space, designers and manufacturers in the design of the project case, the two sides need to cooperate with each other. Manufacturers are good at technology implementation, in this process need to fully understand the design of the theme and creativity, according to different space and lighting design atmosphere to provide reasonable lighting technology, with the designer to complete the design works better. 

At the same time, intelligent home how to control intelligent lighting, also reflected in the intelligent home to the effective intelligent lighting control. For the control of lamps, since Edison invented the light bulb, people's control of the electric light is the use of Manipulator control mode, from the pull switch, to the key switch, and now commonly used in the wall switch, the switch is driven by the manual mechanical mode, so if we want to achieve the future of intelligent lighting control, Start with the research switch. Recently quietly rising smart home industry Wi-Fi remote control of intelligent lighting, from the market response, sales are not bad, which shows that people on the concept of intelligent lighting more and more clear, consumers have begun from the wait-and-see stage into the real consumption stage, But Wi-Fi remote lighting will become the future of the mainstream intelligent lighting control mode is still difficult to conclude. Therefore, whether the smart home enterprises to consider the use of household appliances control mode, if the lighting control technology to upgrade to the level of home appliances control technology, in the future, in the realization of the overall home intelligent control, lamps and appliances can be on the same platform to achieve intelligent control. Through the control technology of home appliance, it provides a new idea and feasibility plan for the development direction of lighting control technology for smart home enterprises. 

Notable phenomenon is that although the LED is controllable, but a single product can not meet the needs of the current market, in order to achieve the overall needs of customers, more and more intelligent home lighting manufacturers to play the overall solution, system professional lighting solutions, one-stop solution concept. The introduction of the overall solution not only emphasizes the customized service, provides the design idea, but also is a strategy. In the face of many customers at this stage how to play the advantages of LED is not particularly clear, this requires enterprises to provide them with the overall program services, eliminating the customer's looking excellent. To provide a holistic solution is a service awareness of enterprises, but also to improve their own competitiveness of the means. It can be said that the combination of intelligent control and LED lighting will change the way people use lighting, it will significantly increase the value of lighting products. Intelligent control can bring business value by more and more enterprises pay attention to, in order to be able to take the lead in the era of intelligent LED lighting, many enterprises have been not only to stay in the level of dimming color, but actively explore the entire lighting system intelligent control.