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Bright outlook for Home lighting products

Dec 06, 2017

A questionnaire survey conducted by HKTDC at the Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2017 and the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology Lighting Expo 2017 showed that the outlook for the 2018 lighting market was still optimistic, with Asian markets seen as the most promising overseas lighting market, including Japan, mainland China and ASEAN countries. 

The lighting industry surveyed predicted that the home lighting market would remain buoyant in the foreseeable future. Among them, consumers need to replace the old lighting products, is expected to drive indoor home lighting products demand. At the same time, with the increasing awareness of consumer environmental protection, LED products will be popular, and smart technology is expected to continue to promote the development of lighting industry. 

The Hong Kong International Autumn Lighting Fair 2017 and the Hong Kong International Outdoor and Technology lighting Expo 2017 have been held in October 27 to 30th and October 26 to 29th respectively. The TDC Research Department visited 386 buyers and 250 exhibitors to understand the industry's views on the future of the lighting market and the trend of products in the next few years. 

Lighting market growth and stability 

Respondents were optimistic about the outlook for the 2018 lighting market. 95% of the respondents and 97% of the surveyed exhibitors expect sales to increase or remain unchanged in the coming year. Among them, exhibitors are more confident in the market prospects, 59% of respondents are expected to record sales growth, only compared to the April 2017 Spring lighting show 62% micro-decline. By contrast, 40% of respondents expected sales to rise, while buyers and exhibitors who were pessimistic about the prospects for the coming year were only 5% and 3% respectively. 

In terms of growth prospects for overseas markets, Japan is expected to be the most promising traditional market for the coming year, with 86% of the local business-visiting lighting industry rating local growth prospects as "ideal" or "very good". Taiwan is also not, with 82% of respondents rated "ideal" or "very good". By contrast, the South Korean market looks less than half (53%) of respondents said they are confident about their short-term growth prospects. In emerging markets, the prospects for the mainland and ASEAN countries are best, with 93% and 85% of respondents expressing confidence in local growth prospects.

Home lighting 

29% of respondents believe that home lighting will remain buoyant in 2018, and is expected to be the highest-growing category of lighting products, the ratio of the April 2017 Spring lighting show 18% sharp increase; LED and environmental lighting followed, and 24% of respondents thought the growth potential was greatest. In addition, the proportion of respondents who opted for commercial lighting and outdoor lighting also rose significantly, from 4% in April 2017 to 16%, while the latter rose from 3% to 12%. In a April survey, 38% of respondents expected lighting accessories and parts to be the highest-growing category of lighting, though the boom appears to have cooled roughly. Of the survey, only 7% of respondents expected a growth in the category of lighting products.

Indoor home lighting Replacement needs high 

Consumers need to replace the old lighting products, has been a driving force led product demand is an important factor. Perhaps because of this, the above mentioned lighting industry for home lighting products are most optimistic about sales. More than half (55%) respondents believed that in the next two years, in the demand for replacement lamps, indoor household lighting will be the most beneficial category, the ratio of the April 2017 Spring lighting show 48% slightly increased. Other types of products that may benefit include indoor office and commercial Lighting (30%), outdoor lighting (except signboards and advertising lamps, 21%) and indoor industrial lighting (21%), while motor vehicles and traffic and transportation lighting are least likely to benefit from the demand for replacement products.

Environmental awareness to promote LED lighting demand 

In recent years, consumer awareness of environmental protection has been increasing, the United States, the European Union, mainland China and Australia and other major markets have a comprehensive ban on the sale of environmentally inefficient incandescent bulbs. Most respondents (84%) believed that the ban on incandescent bulbs would lead to the sale of other lighting products. Among the respondents, 67% thought the sale of LED products would benefit, while the rest of the respondents believed that integrated electronic compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) benefited the most.

Intelligent lighting 

At present, many industries are committed to the introduction of smart technology, lighting industry is no exception. The vast majority of respondents (93%) think that the next two years will promote the development of the lighting industry, the ratio of the April 2017 Spring lighting show 92% micro-rise. Of those surveyed, more than half (53%) believed to have the most development potential for home lighting systems that could be communicated with or manipulated by smartphones/tablet computers, compared with the 45% higher in April. In addition, 40% of respondents believed that the most important development potential of home/industrial/Commercial intelligent lighting system was to save electricity and save energy.

Hong Kong Suppliers Performance Excellence 

The survey showed that buyers ' satisfaction with the performance of Hong Kong's lighting products was higher than earlier this year. During the survey, buyers were asked to score a satisfactory rating of 9 major categories. The score is 5 points, 1 is very unsatisfactory, and 5 points are very satisfactory. Hong Kong suppliers scored highest in compliance with safety regulations or standards and services, with 4.06 points, compared with 3.88 points and 3.79 points respectively in the April 2017 Spring lighting show. In addition, Hong Kong suppliers have a good rating in complying with environmental regulations or guidelines (4.05) and product quality (4.03).

Interviewees ' information 

The survey interviewed 386 buyers, 26% of them in Hong Kong and the rest from overseas markets. The main sales/export markets for the respondents were mainland China (37%), the Asian region outside mainland China (28%), Western Europe (17%) and North America (17%). 

For exhibitors, the number of visitors was 250, of which 28% were in Hong Kong and the rest from overseas markets. The major sales/export markets for the exhibitors are North America (48%), Western Europe (45%), the Asian region outside China (44%) and the mainland of China (40%).

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