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What about the next generation of outdoor lighting? Brief analysis of its future development trend

Dec 08, 2017

The trend of intelligent outdoor lighting 

Today, with the rapid development of LED control technology, not only according to the day time and ambient lighting conditions, but also according to weather, specific activities and applications to adjust outdoor lighting. In addition, outdoor lighting can also add additional functions, the status of each lamp can be fed back to the central control system to improve efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. 

Many lighting operators are considering moving streetlights with basic functions to a more flexible central management system (CMS). The Pennsylvania State of Harrisburg is a good example. City engineers originally wanted LED lighting, just to save energy. Replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting can reduce $number lighting energy costs. But engineers also found that using led streetlights with integrated intelligent control systems not only reduces energy consumption, but also reduces long-term maintenance costs. 

The lighting industry is now forming a hierarchical system that is not the same as the system now operating in the automotive industry. Original equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) focus on their core competencies and leave the development of peripheral technologies to vendors. The development of AC/DC converters is an example. In the past, most lighting companies were developing their own converters. Now they can purchase a dimmer socket with a built-in converter. Now all OEMs have to do is to develop their own control circuit, can be connected to the module, forming the final assembly. In this way, OEMs can develop unique products with minimal research and development and then quickly market.

Figure 1: Complete control of next generation outdoor lighting 

More diversified streetlight Control 

With LED lighting, we can now make and control lights in an efficient and cost-effective way. One example is the sensor ready (SR) platform, a new connection standard for outdoor lighting, designed to integrate sensors with LED lights and drives to achieve new levels of control. The Endurance s platform reduces the complexity of the street lighting architecture by cancelling the hard-wired auxiliary modules and related lines, and provides 100% pluggable morning solutions. It includes a socket, a seal cap, a module plug base and a dome cover. In conjunction with SR drives, the SR pluggable sensor module can be inserted into a 4-hole rotary-lock SR Socket to achieve a high degree of sensor control flexibility. 

For some time, NEMA and ANSI developed a standard around the sockets installed at the top of the street lamp. Usually there is only one light cell plugged in, so the lantern is open and closed according to ambient light, but now, more and more complex sockets are being installed. Some NEMA dimmer sockets provide a higher level of functionality in the Photo control module. Lighting can darken, colors can be modified, and even flash. 

TE Company has recently developed the Lumawise endurance N reinforced base, designed to build a fast development and manufacturing platform for street and outdoor lighting control solutions, in line with the National Association of Electrical Manufacturers (NEMA) and the National Standards Institute (ANSI) standards. It provides the AC power switch and DC power required for complex control node solutions, giving designers more time to focus on value-added features. Adopt the mechanical structure conforming to ANSI standard to support the design reuse and modularization of the whole lighting control product. It can be used in street and road lighting control, business and campus outdoor lighting management, Intelligent City Control network, and smart grid connection with Smart city. 

These developments have helped to significantly improve our control of the lighting system. As long as we need, when and where we can have light. But there are more things to do. 

Extended LED features, not just simple lighting 

As we become more and more familiar with LED lighting, not only in design, but also in function, we can begin to study how control can further develop its potential. For example, it is now possible to use LED lighting for secure line-of-sight data transmission. 

Parking timers can communicate with nearby street lamps, which use very high speed modulation capabilities to pass information to nearby timer attendants, "the car stays longer than the time." Alternatively, they can provide accurate data on available parking spaces. 

In fact, a form of "smart parking" has been deployed in the world's largest parking surveillance system, and in Moscow, after the installation, congestion has been reduced by more than One-fourth. Major cities in Russia and China are deployed.

Figure 2: Fully rotatable dimming sockets, photo control bases and grooves

Figure 3: Smarter Street lighting Application module 

New standard for LED lighting 

Over the past few years, engineers and system architects of large component suppliers have been working with downstream partners to create a new street lighting structure. A key consideration is the potential of new architectures and features to help developers, installers, and outdoor lighting users realize value while moving from individually programmed street lighting to central management systems (CMS). 

In the past, most designers had to choose Nema/ansi Standard product line only, because of other concrete substitution standard, even Europe not. Now, there is a new lighting connection solution for LED street lamps, as well as a new European standard for outdoor lighting. 

Now there is a compact connection solution for LED streetlights that provides greater flexibility in lighting design and lighting structure, which is lumawise endurance S. Since it can be upgraded at the site, it can be easily and quickly upgraded to existing fixtures.

 The standardized interface between the socket and the module base or the seal cover uses an integrated single washer that accommodates and seals the luminaire and module. At the same time, the same connection interface can be used for the mm or $number mm diameter central management system. This allows different modules to be exchanged and upgraded within seconds without having to power down the lamp. 

New products are developed by multiple partners to ensure that a complete, available system is available, including specific dedicated drivers and control nodes. These partnerships also work with the global lighting industry organization Zhaga International Alliance. 

Prospects and conclusions 

The function of outdoor LED lighting system is constantly expanding. A radio transceiver allows a single lamp to be integrated into the network. Sensors can monitor energy consumption and the general "health status" of a single lamp, and any problems will be flagged. Outdoor LED lighting can now even be part of the city's environmental control system. 

There are more things to do. In the near future, when ambulances have to go to the first aid site, the brightness and even color of the street lamps will change, thus providing the quickest way for motorists. Streetlights will no longer be streetlights. They will be nodes of sensitive smart cities. 

Where people live, work and congregate, they need outdoor lighting. Therefore, sensing applications have the potential to make lighting more suitable for people's needs. In tunnel lighting, sensors can monitor temperature and humidity and can be used in closed-loop systems that control airflow. If a peak event occurs, an early fire alarm may even be issued. 

Imagine if the entire city's network lighting system uses temperature and humidity sensors, so it is possible to assess the local area of the urban microclimate, and adjust accordingly. 

For example, sensors can identify areas where airflow is stagnant, and city administrators can issue environmental alerts faster than before, and urban residents can avoid related health problems.

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