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Analysis of the five trends of LED in a dragon-mode model

Dec 08, 2017

"LED on the middle and lower reaches, can be said to be one-stop, for the development of new technology, in from the upper and lower Cascade, the long tatsu compared to other individual ring link factory has a certain advantage. Although the technology is becoming more and more mature, the leading differences are getting smaller, but it is only from the single layer to see the advantages, but if from the integration advantages, the advantages of this one-stop is more obvious. "In the current Chinese mainland led industry on the Taiwan area of the impact of the environment," Daliang Electronics (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Chairman and general Manager Huang Denghui to Ledinside said.

In recent years, the emergence of the mainland led explosion, the whole of Taiwan and the global led industry has become more far-reaching impact. International led manufacturers have been adjusting their strategy, from the early production of their own to the mainland of the foundry. Reshaping the pattern of industrial change, as the representative of Taiwan's led enterprises Daliang Electronics, in addition to one-stop enterprise model, Daliang Electronics How to layout the future to cope with the current LED environment? In this regard, ledinside for this fall Hong Kong lighting Exhibition on the Daliang Electronics chairman and general manager Huang Denghui and Lighting research and development Director Chenzhihui reply to do the following carding.

Microled:miniled first, the backlight is commercialized, microled is still a little far.

In the past two years, because of Apple, Facebook, Google and the big layout of Hon Hai, such as microled, so that led enterprises to see the new market opportunities, especially Taiwan in the mainland is constantly looting the share of the situation, the emergence of microled led enterprises to see the new machine.

But Taiwan has been involved in many led companies in the past two years, but it has not been able to make breakthroughs in the massive transfer. This makes the LED enterprise found miniled. According to Huang Denghui Introduction, a start is microled, but microled at present only in the sample stage, in technology and equipment still need to break, so it is in the middle of the microled product miniled.

Huang Denghui added that the OLED screen now used by mobile phones is nothing more than a high contrast, bright color, can be frivolous. and miniled used for backlight contrast is better than OLED, but also can be thinner, the key is the technical difficulty is small, and miniled reaction speed is very fast, save electricity effect is very good, may be achieved within a year. In addition, the future market will be from miniled progress to micro LED, and then develop micro LED display module, it will be able to do LCD, OLED do not large size. Because micro LED modular can be spliced extension, for LED, is a very optimistic trend.

and Daliang Electronics in the backlight field accumulated for many years, the ability of the middle and lower reaches of the customer recognized. In fact, miniled is RGB from the chip start, to the packaging to hit the board, Daliang in addition to itself is doing backlight, but also a lot of panel customers, this is Daliang electronic layout miniled advantage.

IR LED: The benefits of iris, face and invisible sensor bursts, unlimited potential

With the rise of modern IoT, biometrics and wearable devices, the technology of sensor and image identification is more and more important. The application characteristic of irled is an important auxiliary light source. By combining the sensing device and identification technology, it can be used in iris identification, facial recognition and other special applications. Or it can be applied to the biological sensor of the wearable device to quantify the physiological state of the body and become a new tool for health management. In view of the proliferation of smart phones, automobiles, surveillance systems and other applications, IR LED continues to be a growing concern in IR LED markets.

At present, IR LED is mainly used in security monitoring and sensor field, and the wavelength of 850nm and 940nm LED products for the large, due to the rise in the application of iris recognition, led factories competing to develop wavelength 810nm IR LED products to attack market opportunities. According to Daliang electronic Huang Denghui, these products are now in production.

Chenzhihui adds that IR LEDs used to be small and medium power, and are now being applied to the iris and face recognition of the cell phone, which are high power and have special wavelength. But whether security or face recognition, blood testing or industrial 4.0 of the automation equipment, are related to IR. The image identification of the equipment is now infrared, which can not be separated from the sensor and but the sensor and light are independent, unlike before is visible light sensor, but now is not visible light sensor, this needs a good light source to do illumination control, can go to implement some program operation, so the potential of IR LED is very big.

UV LED: Curing market has matured, in-depth layout UVC LED

Because of the impact of the mainland led supply chain, forcing Taiwan led enterprises to pursue a high margin market, which UV LED market performance most prominent. As LED manufacturers, Daliang Electronics has always been a positive layout of emerging market development, the current cause of UV is also in the market trend.

According to Daliang electronic aspects, generally speaking, the traditional UVA band applications for industrial solidification, exposure and other high-power module applications, the current Tatsu bright electronics has been in cooperation with domestic and foreign manufacturers, has matured, and Daliang in more active toward the deep ultraviolet UVC band proposed solutions, To achieve a one-stop purchase of UV full band will be the future product planning goals.

Flip chip: High Power Market City accounted for a large increase in the power market is gradually eroding

Early flip-chip vertical is the foreign manufacturers do, about two or three years ago, now, whether it is mainland or Taiwan, has been a clear breakthrough in technology. Flip chip structure is not the same as the normal outfit, the general is only required 4-5 road process, and now 7 way to flip the process, more than 2-3 process, the process increased, the corresponding material costs also increased, so the current price is still relatively high.

But now the flip chip starts to enter the middle power market, probably 0.3-0.5w. Before Flip chip is 1-6w power. Now start to go down, which represents a certain amount of cost control, the distance is shrinking. In addition, the advantage of flip is obvious, not only has the voltage advantage, and flip chip can do some film processing process, can enhance efficiency. Chenzhihui said that this year or next year flip to erode the entire power market is more difficult, mainly because of the price. Because in the same performance, the current flip chip still can't catch up with the cost-effective.

CSP: High-power positioning backlight, low power positioning lighting market

Because CSP technology reduces or even eliminates the stent, reducing the cost of packaging, but also has a certain characteristic of the luminescent appearance and better cooling function and so on. But it's attractive in many applications, however, because of its small chip, SMT equipment precision requirements, no stent protection, more fragile than traditional patch packaging and other limitations, making the CSP's technical energy is higher than the general package, and need to integrate the lower and middle reaches of the LED technology capabilities.

According to Chenzhihui, now the CSP structure is a flip chip + fluorescent gel, then there is no white wall and there is no substrate change. In the past two years, there have been many enterprises in CSP, but the actual turnover has been greatly contributed. The reason is that the lighting packaging components, whether in the lighting or backlight, must be taken out of cost-effective.

Single lighting, CSP in the higher-order applications, the opponent has EMC, COB, low power 2835, 3030. Light This product line itself, there are many competitive products. And the general flip chip is limited in high-power applications, in small power on the cost-effective and has no advantage.

Therefore, this product positioning lighting itself is a problem, but the application of backlighting is excellent, that is because the application of backlight is a high-power, so in the backlight applied can and mature. Then on the lighting, for the CSP LM performance is not good, the price is expensive. Daliang Electronic design of small and medium power CSP products, thus highlighting its advantages.

Chenzhihui adds that Daliang electronics uses a CSP design with a substrate, as there are many substrates that have a good yield in the actual patch.

Daliang Electronic main push "solar white" solar LED technology

In the interview, Huang Denghui specifically mentioned the Daliang electronics now the main push of the LED technology: Solar White Sun led (CRI can reach 97).

According to him, led in the field of lighting another trend is to improve the quality of light, LED has been able to do very good life and cost, the next stage is the pursuit of perfect light quality, the traditional LED light source spectrum in red and between the blue to green this part is relatively scarce, It is easy to have the feeling that the light source is poor and the color is offset, 2018 fast led indication will be pushed by 80 to 90, Daliang Electronics is further to show the product to the leading position of 97, this technology can be in a variety of packaging forms, full-color temperature components to achieve, Daliang electronic unique technology known as "Solar White ", by artificial light can be compared to the quality of the sun's name, to 3030 package components can reach 150LPW efficiency, enough to meet the American Lamp DLC Energy Efficiency specification.