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LG moves constantly, 2018 to 115.6 billion yuan betting OLED, automatic driving

Dec 14, 2017

LG Group 2018-Year plan to hit the 19 trillion won (equivalent to RMB 115.6 billion yuan) research and development of advanced technology and purchase of production facilities, total investment has increased by 8%, focusing on automatic driving, OLED panels and biotechnology, the most promising areas of development potential. 

According to the Nikkei news report, LG Group members include LG Electronics, chemical factory LG Chem and panel factory LG Display, capital spending next year at least 10 trillion Korean won (equivalent to RMB 60.9 billion yuan), estimated to recruit 10,000 engineers and other personnel, to strengthen research and development strength. 

The message was announced by South Korea's Minister of strategy and Finance, Jindong Dong-yeon, in Tuesday (12th), after a visit to LG, which was heard on his own day. LG Group later confirmed that Jindong Yanzhou said unmistakable, but no further details. 

Nikkei News in mid-November reported that LG display OLED TV panel market accounted for more than 90%, next year plans to further increase OLED TV panel output 60%, which will be enough to produce 2.8 million OLED TVs. LG display to expand capacity, will invest about 4 billion U.S. dollars (equivalent to RMB 26.5 billion yuan).