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Total investment 1 billion! The new automobile lighting plant of the world top 500 enterprises is put into operation

Dec 15, 2017

Yesterday (20) day, the world's top 500 Enterprises Murray Group's new automotive lighting system plant in Changchun opened the area, the estimated annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan. 

Murray Group is an Italian set of automotive parts design, development, production and system supporting as a whole enterprise, has been in 19 countries around the world set up 86 factories. Changchun Murray car lighting system New factory is its 9th factory set up in China, the total investment of 1 billion yuan, mainly produces the world's most advanced LED car lamp products. The project will be FAW Volkswagen, brilliance BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and other automotive vehicle manufacturers supporting, up to the postpartum output value of more than 2 billion yuan. Marilyn China Co., Ltd. chairman and President Dubber: "Changchun is close to customers and has a very good industrial base of the city, so we chose to settle in Changchun." The capacity we planned at the start was 1 million headlights and 500,000 taillights. ” 

The open area is an important force for Changchun to build the strategic layout of "International Automobile City", which attracts a large number of internationally renowned enterprises. At present, the world's top 500 enterprises settled in the open area accounted for nearly half of the Changchun. Changchun Dong, deputy director of the Management Committee, introduced this year, through the open area through the grasp of investment, industrial cultivation, capacity expansion, function expansion, the region-wide export-oriented economy has been developed. In the first half of this year, after the opening of the project has exceeded the whole year: "Auto parts industry is one of our leading industries, we opened the region from 1 to June this year, our overall project start is 126, the whole investment in terms of investment, the first half has also fallen 48 projects, the total investments 16.6 billion, The total has surpassed our last year's drop-downs. ”