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Intelligent Street Lamp expands Capital Wisdom City construction adds to the Army​

Dec 18, 2017

[Guide] Compound street lamp pole application innovation, coordination, green, open, share five development concept, set many functions in one, aims to explore road lighting and Intelligent City construction coordinated development.

Streetlights can also recharge electric cars, but also display real-time environmental information, provide free WiFi signal, in the 2017 International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Exposition of the Great Powers of the Craftsman Exhibition Hall of the composite streetlight is really a bright spot. 

The compound street lamp pole is the innovation result of independent research and development of Beijing City Lighting Management Center (hereinafter referred to as "Lighting Center"), which integrates many functions in the development of road lighting and intelligent city construction by using innovation, coordination, green, opening and sharing. 

Saw the rice-white light pole, from top to bottom in order to install the WiFi signal transceiver, lighting, surveillance cameras, environmental sensors, information display and car charging piles and many other equipment. In the exhibition hall, deputy director of the operation and maintenance department of the Lighting Center, who participated in the Chen Yixian of the compound lamp pole, said to the reporter this kind of compound lamp pole innovation and research and development of intelligent lighting, security monitoring, information dissemination, meteorological monitoring, noise monitoring, PM2.5 monitoring, micro-communication base station, emergency power supply, etc. 8 functions in a body, In the capital Street to serve as clean energy, green energy-saving "image ambassador." 

Composite street lamp with the traditional lamp pole has no special skills: its light source are led, the background can control the brightness of each base, to achieve "stepless dimming", green lighting. Light pole embedded electric vehicle charging pile, docking Beijing official designated e-fill net, share the charge pile, help green travel. Light pole information Display real-time release PM2.5, temperature and humidity, noise and other information to facilitate the public to travel. Wireless internet, charging pile to the public free of charge, the simultaneous installation of the Ministry of Public Security "Skynet project" Network Camera, equipped with emergency call button, to achieve "one-button alarm" to provide city security, road lighting facilities and the capital city building coordinated development of intelligence. 

Since December 2016, the first batch of 20 composite lamp poles in the left of the West Street appearance, the current composite street lamp has been in Beijing City six pilot application 100, by the public's wide acclaim. The results in the State Council SASAC "Innovation Achievement Exhibition", was highly affirmed, and the State Intellectual Property Office Certified Utility model patent certificate and design patent. 

Lighting center of the relevant person said that the compound street lamp in energy conservation, environmental friendly, accident early warning, public safety, convenient travel and other aspects of the beneficial attempts to avoid duplication of construction, and promote the capital city of intelligent construction.