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The third generation of semiconductor industrialization is expected to be settled in many fields

Dec 18, 2017

December 16, the third generation of semiconductor Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance chairman Wu Ling in the Semiconductor Development Strategy Seminar, said 2018 is the third generation of semiconductor industrialization preparation of the critical period. By 2025, the third generation of semiconductor devices will be in mobile communications, efficient power management of the localization rate accounted for 50%; LED general lighting market share of 80%, the core device localization rate reached 95%; the third generation of semiconductor devices in the new energy vehicles, consumer electronics field to achieve scale applications.

The third generation Semiconductor is a wide bandgap semiconductor material represented by gallium nitride and Sic. At present, the first generation, second-generation semiconductor technology in optoelectronics, power electronics and RF microwave devices, such as the improvement of device performance has been close to the physical limits of material, difficult to support the next generation of information technology sustainable development, difficult to deal with the challenges of energy and environment, difficult to meet the High-tech and industrial development, There is an urgent need to develop a new generation of semiconductor technology. 

China Micro Semiconductor deputy general Manager Jihua believes that the third generation of semiconductor industrialization needs to consider from the whole industry chain, not only manufacturing and equipment, but also include key components. At the same time, domestic equipment enterprises need to participate in global competition, to achieve healthy and sound development. 

Wu Ling also said that China's third generation of semiconductor innovation and development of the time is ripe, in an important window period. But there are still multiple pressing challenges. Among them, optoelectronics materials and devices in the field and the international advanced level compared to running state, power semiconductor materials and devices, RF materials and devices in the international advanced level than in the running state. At present, nearly 10 companies have commercial products, Infineon production devices will be launched on a large scale in 2018. In addition, there are industrial production lines weak, technical team lack and so on.

Jin Zhang, chairman of the Optoelectronics, said that the third generation of semiconductors by virtue of its wide band, Gao Gei belt, high breakdown electric field, high radiation resistance characteristics, market application potential is enormous. The company anticipates that through the investment and the acquisition way, absorbs the talented person and the research and development strength to walk in the industry front end. 

Societe Generale believes that the third generation of semiconductor equipment industry in the 2018 will usher in a boom inflection point. This round of investment to mainland domestic enterprises as the leading, domestic equipment companies will enter the order and performance redemption period. As a strategic emerging industry, the technology breakthrough and the acceleration of downstream investment will bring the rapid expansion of the equipment demand scale. 

2016, the State Council issued the "Thirteen-Five" National Science and Technology Innovation plan, issued for the 2030 6 major science and technology projects and 9 major projects, the third generation of semiconductors is "key new materials research and development and application" of the major project components. In the same year, the State Council set up the national new material Industry Development Leadership group, implement the manufacturing power strategy, accelerate the development of new materials industry.