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Embrace mobile interconnection, sunshine lighting actively respond to products + brand + channels of the Trinity competition

Dec 20, 2017

Recently, China's energy-saving lighting leader Zhejiang Sunshine Lighting Electrical Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Sunshine Lighting, Stock code: 600261) formally signed with the former Hai Kenzhou, the establishment of channel Marketing management platform to achieve a comprehensive distribution channel control, establish and channel, retail terminals of the marketing interconnection bridge.

Through this cooperation, the former Hai Kenzhou based on Xsimple Mobile platform, for the lighting of the channel Marketing management platform, from the dealer order platform, management platform to the later after-sales service, micro-credit services, etc., to provide a full range of integrated business integration, to get through the sun lighting and distributors of Information Bridge, accelerate information flow Can obtain each other to promote their own business development support and thrust, mutual fu can finally achieve the strategic goal of global channel layout.

As the first domestic lighting industry a-share listed enterprises, Sunshine Lighting is a state-level key High-tech Enterprises, the national large enterprises, China's largest energy-saving lamp production and export base, at the same time, the sun lighting has been listed as the country's 300 key enterprises and Zhejiang Province key support of large enterprise groups, state- The only domestic lighting industry set China famous brand, China well-known trademarks, China's export brands, China's export inspection enterprises.

According to the senior Engineers led Research Institute (GGII) statistics, the first half of 2017 China's LED lighting export enterprises total amount of about 16,000. Among them, the top 10 enterprises total exports of 1.183 billion U.S. dollars, accounting for 11.41% of total exports. and sunshine lighting on the last half of the total exports amounted to 203 million U.S. dollars, export share accounted for 2.22%, became the first half of the year LED lighting export champion.

There is no doubt that the export of sunshine lighting products can achieve today's results, naturally inseparable from the years in the brand promotion and channel construction to make a lot of efforts.

According to Guanyong revealed that the current lighting in the brand promotion of the development of independent brands, such as the growth of the Australian market last year, nearly half of the business is the independent brand, but there is also a problem with OEM customers facing competition. However, we still focus on the independent business adjustment, so this year, the Oceania business has a big adjustment. ”

"U.S. subsidiaries this year we have increased capital, continue to increase investment in engineering professional channels, because this business development of its own brand more difficult than retail channels, including our new company in France, Germany, are to develop their own brand business." Domestic sales, the future focus is on the establishment of strategic partnership with real estate developers, large decoration companies, gradually landing projects, expand the residential field channels. Guanyong said.

It is understood that the sun lighting was founded in 1975, has been to "birthdays", experienced from the Shangyu bulb factory to "the country's largest production of energy-saving lamp export base" to 2016 products accounted for 83.6% of the process, its product transformation has been with the consumer demand and industrial upgrading trend change. Sunshine Lighting is convinced that the current industry competition is not only the product of the king, but products, brands, channels of the trinity of competition, and actively embrace mobile interconnection, build a good channel marketing management platform, innovative channel management for enterprise development speed.

2017 senior engineer LED annual meeting will be held in December 21--22 Day in Shenzhen Baoan Dunhill International Grand Hotel. At that time, Sunshine Lighting general manager Guanyong will be a guest speaker to attend this Congress, around the "LED Lighting future Road" This theme, with 400 of the industry elite gathered together, in-depth analysis and exchange.

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