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Hong Kong to lead the development of OLED light-emitting materials, is expected to break the patent monopoly in Europe and America

Dec 20, 2017

Hong Kong Wen Wei Po News organic light-emitting Diode (OLED) is crucial to the related industries of display, TV and mobile screen.

Ning display a variety of OLED raw materials, large pictures of Hong Kong

At present, most OLED uses the chemical complexes of rare metal iridium (Iridium) as luminescent materials, which occupy more than 90% of the market, and the related patents are dominated by countries such as the United States and Europe, so that manufacturers often have to pay high patent fees.

Co-ordinated by the University of Hong Kong, in conjunction with the interdisciplinary team of 5 local universities, successful breakthroughs have been made over the past 5 years, including the conversion of gold and platinum compounds as luminescent materials, and the development of innovative display technologies and components to provide solutions for commercialization of related products with the knowledge of "Hong Kong" ownership and proprietary technology.

OLED has spontaneous light, wide viewing angle, fast reaction time, high efficiency, power saving, high brightness, very thin and so on, can be widely used in display, TV, mobile screen and the future "electronic paper" and other display products, is the world's most concerned about technology, but at the industrial level, but the face of the patent monopoly of iridium and other issues, affecting costs.

Ning, a professor of chemistry, physics, materials science and Engineering from the University of Hong Kong, and a multi-disciplinary team of experts in chemical, physical and material sciences, and the city, has been awarded the RGC for the past 5 years. The theme research program, supported by a number of important achievements in the fields of OLED display and photovoltaic cell technology, has also published as many as 260 high-impact academic articles.

Among them, the Ning team focused on the development of three gold (AU (III)) compounds light-emitting as raw materials, the world's first successful at room temperature light-emitting, another team of experts in the development of platinum as OLED raw materials, and large-area device light-emitting display, break through the existing restrictions, integration of " Hong Kong "oled shows a new knowledge patent technology that has the opportunity to change the ecology of the existing huge market.

HKU pointed out that the results of this cross-school research project will promote a strategy of interdisciplinary collaborative research and create a world-class technology for Hong Kong, as well as creating new opportunities for local, mainland and international industrial partners to transfer knowledge and technology to promote more downstream research and commercialization activities.

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