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UV LED development in full swing, led the UV lamp market

Dec 21, 2017

LED bulbs can be adjusted by the wavelength of the chip, the development of visible and invisible LED light bulbs, which in the UV led, due to lower overall cost, become one of the development of ultraviolet lamps. Industry experts estimate that the UV lamp market will grow at a compound annual rate of 13.32% during 2017-2021. 

Traditional ultraviolet lamps have limited space and light, need another lens to assist adjustment, and the traditional ultraviolet lamp mostly contains mercury elements, and UV LED service life is longer, small volume, light output uniformity and save electricity, even if the initial cost is high, but can save up to 50% of maintenance costs, and thus reduce the overall cost. 

Ultraviolet is the wavelength between 100 to 400nm of the invisible light, mostly for sterilization, 3D printing, medical and curing technology, widely circulated in the market. At present, the commercial development of UV led in 365 nm to NM, belongs to the long wavelength UVA spectrum, used for curing adhesive, often used in consumer electronics and disposable medical products. 

And with the development of LED in the UVC spectrum, led in the future can also be used for sterilization and disinfection, replacing the traditional ultraviolet lamps. 

UVC LED instrument does not need to operate in the ozone environment, power-saving and miniaturization, in product design has a higher degree of freedom, UVC LED lights can be carried in the future, and even can be embedded in other equipment, within seconds can be disinfected, for small space laboratories or hospitals, the usable area and the overall cost can be greatly reduced. 

But the current UVC LED bulbs have to solve the problem of heat dissipation, the current UVC led conversion rate is only 5%, the remaining 95% are converted to thermal energy, in addition to LED chip overheating and failure, will also damage its life and light output.