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UV LED technology accelerated progress, the first half of what they have done?

Dec 21, 2017

UV LED is a new journey led, is considered to be one of the next generation of light source. Half a year, UV led has become the LED forum, led laboratories and led market, one of the new favorite, coupled with water Minamata convention, energy-saving concessions and other policy promotion, more domestic and foreign enterprises to accelerate the layout, UV led market is about to explode. 

Set state Consulting LED Research Center (ledinside) in the latest release of the "2017 UV LED and Module Application Market Report" pointed out that UV LED market value in 2017 will grow to 288 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to about 1.956 billion yuan), 2020 more to see 526 million U.S. dollars (equivalent to about 3.573 billion yuan), 2015-2020 composite growth rate (CAGR) up to 34%. To the UV LED package revenue, Japan and South Korean manufacturers sit in the top five, in order for the Japanese, nitride semiconductors, Seoul Viosys, LG Innotek and Ushio/epitex. 

At home and abroad policy, equipment, such as the promotion of UV LED market penetration greatly improved, according to Ledinside observation, UV LED according to the application, mainly for uv-aled application of the light curing market, which requires a high degree of radiation lithography, high uniformity of light exposure machine application market most popular , some special curing market demand has gradually arisen.


In addition, Ledinside estimates, benefiting from uv-cled technology upgrading, 2017 manufacturers will launch uv-cled products. Among them, the flow of water sterilization still need to wait for the ripe, consumer products, air purifier and air-conditioning products, static water sterilization and other markets, more opportunities to take off first.


Review the first half of the year, with the company's powerful combination as well as a series of UV led new products, UV LED technology is also accelerating progress. Next may wish to look at all over the factory about UV LED development.


"Enterprise Dynamic"


hit 486 million Yuan! Formosa Plastic Joint Day machine installed development uv-led


January 25, 2017, Formosa Plastics announced with Japanese business day Machine (Nikkiso) work together to develop uv-led cause, the production of deep ultraviolet led (Deep UV LED) grain and sales of deep ultraviolet light application products, the cooperation case will focus on water sterilization, air sterilization, resin curing and analysis equipment.


It is understood that the previous Nikkiso planning to set up a joint venture company, by Nikkiso to obtain 51% of the joint venture, the uv-led plant investment 8 billion yen (equivalent to about 486 million yuan), the two sides will use the Taiwan-owned semiconductor, lighting led mass production technology and existing equipment , strengthen the cost conditions, the expected cooperation after the smooth start of the packaging, testing business is expected by the Formosa Plastic Group under the responsibility of the Department.


 Assist uv-cled Device Development, Osram and Hexatech signed strategic agreement


February 15, 2017, the world's leading supplier of ALN single crystal Hexatech company announced that the company and Germany Regensburg Osram Photoelectric Semiconductor Co., Ltd. signed two strategic agreements. These agreements include a long term supply agreement and a number of Hexatech intellectual property (IP) licenses, the former involving aluminum nitride (AlN) substrates, which are directly supported as a 2-inch (diameter) base-plate development project for Hexatech Corporation. The long-term supply commitment to Hexatech ALN (ALN) substrates directly supports Hexatech's 2-inch (diameter) substrate development plan, as well as authorizing certain Hexatech intellectual property (IP). Hexatech chief executive John Goehrke says that by authorizing Hexatech technology, Osram can accelerate its uv-cled device development based on Hexatech materials.


Mountain in Japan to expand and wafer in the field of UV LED cooperation


February 2017, Japan chemical Giant Mountain (Tokuyama) and the Japanese electric equipment manufacturers Stanley Electric (TEPCO) decided to expand cooperation in the field of deep ultraviolet led, mountain to maintain the development of deep ultraviolet led materials, and wafer production, encapsulation, and product manufacturing and sales business by Stanley Tepco. Mountain of deep Ultraviolet led wafer production line and patent, are transferred to Stanleyelectric.


nitride Semiconductors cooperates with Seoul Viosys to develop uvled products


Nitride semiconductors and Seoul Viosys cooperation to jointly develop the LED, module and finished UV LED products.


According to the introduction, will be launched in 2017 275nmuv-cled products, of which, monocrystalline packaging products can reach 13mw@150ma, four-crystal packaging products can reach 30mw@400ma. At the same time finished products also introduced a number of sterilization and deodorization products, but also provide wireless charging function, the company believes that the future Uvled finished products market in the consumer level will be more to achieve the function of life.


 Osram acquired led engininc, special lighting layout and next city


June 6, 2017, Osram issued a circular that the company will acquire the LED Engininc in San Jose, California, USA. According to the introduction, LED Engin has nearly 30 employees, annual sales of about 10 million U.S. dollars, focusing on the provision of entertainment lighting, ultraviolet, horticulture, adjustable white light and medical lighting applications, such as the Super bright, super compact solid-state lighting solutions, its products are mainly used Osram photoelectric semiconductor LED chips.


Among them, in ultraviolet products, led Engin for industrial applications (such as printing, curing and dental market) to provide powerful UV LEDs.


"Technological Progress"


 Qingdao Jason realizes the technical breakthrough again, releases the 100mW UVC led product


In early 2017, after the introduction of the 2016 life of 10,000-hour 10mW UVC LED products and based on heachips health chip technology static water and mobile water sterilization module, after the integration of Jason to achieve technical breakthroughs, heavy release 100mW-level UVC LED products. It is understood that the product uses 6868 package form, the overall volume is small, but can emit 100mW 275nm deep ultraviolet. This will bring infinite imagination and application space for the design of the large flow water and air sterilization scheme.


 Japanese machine installed more high-power UV LED application in water purification system


In Nepcon Japan2017 annual exhibition, UV led Japanese manufacturers of technical research technology leader Gonnechun said that the Japanese machine installed the current technology has been standard product specifications, from 30mW to 45mW, in the direction of the voltage, 6V, UV ultraviolet light has been successfully removed to enhance the efficiency, heat resistance from 15k/w into 7k/w.


In addition, Gonnechun also pointed out that nikkiso using Alganon sapphire technology, and will be launched in 2017 285nm wavelength uv-cled, 350mA, 6V under the 45mW can be achieved, through the use of reflective layer, thermal resistance can be reduced to 7k/w. In the water treatment product design, Nikkiso acquisition of the United States company Aquisense rely on uv-cled technology to provide water, air and surface disinfection system, water treatment module using Nikkiso UV LED products, with air-cooled cooling design, Make the most cost advantages and product portability design.


Asahi to a single crystalline substrate with UV LED


In Nepcon Japan2017 annual exhibition, the Japanese factory Asahi Kyo said, Xu into the 2-inch ain single crystal substrate, UV LED can be used under the use of, based on the absorption rate and other factors, can improve the uvled of high output.


National Starlight through special molding process can improve UV LED optical power


For the market to improve the requirements of optical power, Kousin in 2017 Guangya exhibition during the new launch of a cost-effective, high light power of a lens-shaped UV LED. According to the introduction, it is based on the original top bracket, through the special molding process to increase the hemisphere lens, the highest can improve the ultraviolet led optical power 60%, to ensure that the product performance in the process of better.