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First Urban Lighting Ordinance to implement landscape lighting in the normalized orbit next February

Dec 25, 2017

In recent years, the urbanization process of Hangzhou has accelerated and the city construction has been changing rapidly. Especially since 2016, Hangzhou G20 summit as an opportunity to accelerate urban lighting, especially the construction of landscape lighting, night lighting has become the golden card of Hangzhou, night-time tourism booming, the general public also benefited from it. However, the increase of urban lighting facilities, the expansion of influence, but also the city lighting construction and management put forward higher requirements, urban night environmental management of long-term and institutionalized also become inevitable. 

Who will take care of the lighting after they are built? which areas can be added to the future lighting facilities? Before, Hangzhou has no special management methods, only "Hangzhou city cityscape and environmental health management Regulations" and "Hangzhou night Lighting Installation Management measures" in the landscape lighting has involved. 

Hangzhou, the introduction of the "Method", on the one hand, to fill the relevant gaps, improve the city lighting system in Hangzhou, to be regulated according to law management. On the other hand is to ensure that "someone tube lamp." "Urban lighting is a need for day-to-day management and maintenance, lack of management, street lights do not light, will give vehicles or pedestrians night trip safety brings hidden dangers; Landscape lighting is not bright, not only can not beautify the city, but to the city's image has a negative impact." "Hangzhou Municipal Management Committee related officials said, at present, the management of the Old City is basically a unified standard, but the urban areas, such as Xiaoshan, Yuhang, Lin ' An, Fuyang, and so on, there are long management (such as street lamps and landscape lights separate management) even the management of the situation, management standards are uneven, is not conducive to the maintenance of 

The imminent implementation of the scheme sets out which areas need to be fitted with functional lighting or landscape lighting, as well as a clear "black sky Sanctuary" to avoid light pollution. 

Where to put the lights? 

"Method" with two content, respectively, for functional lighting and landscape lighting, clear light range: 

The following areas should be equipped with functional lighting: 

(a) Urban roads, bridges, tunnels, pedestrian crossing facilities and trails; 

(ii) Roads through areas where urbanization is administered; 

(iii) Urban public squares, parks, public green spaces, public car parks; 

(d) Other public places where there are potential safety hazards in the absence of functional illumination. 

The following areas shall be equipped with landscape lighting according to the urban lighting special planning requirements: 

(a) Westlake Scenic area; 

(b) The buildings and structures along the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal and Qiantang River; 

(iii) Bustling commercial Street, characteristic commercial Street; 

(iv) High-rise buildings and structures on both sides of urban expressway and main road; 

(e) high-rise buildings and structures along the main entrances and exits of the city; 

(vi) Large-scale bridges, urban elevated roads and other municipal facilities; 

(vii) Urban landmarks and structures; 

(eight) buildings and structures of historical significance; 

(ix) Other areas identified by the urban lighting special planning. 

The method requires that the daily maintenance units of the city functional lighting facilities in Hangzhou shall carry out daily maintenance according to the contract and relevant technical specifications, and maintain the lighting rate of the function illumination of the city trunk road to 98%, the secondary GAN, the light rate of the branch to 96%, and the public repair telephone to the society, and If the city lighting has a general malfunction, it is repaired within 24 hours; The emergency lighting measures are taken and repaired within 5th. 

The approach provides that in the city lighting facilities depicting, smearing, stacking materials, posting, hanging, set up publicity materials, slogans, lighting lights and other items, unauthorized relocation, demolition, alteration of urban lighting and other acts, overdue correction, will be sentenced to 200 yuan, 2000 yuan below the fine, If the city's lighting facilities are damaged, they will be fined at least 10,000 yuan or less than 30,000 yuan. 

Guarding the "Black Sky Sanctuary" to avoid light pollution 

What is a city black Sky sanctuary? It is a special area designated by the Ecological environment protection to limit the artificial light. Hangzhou Municipal Management Committee related responsible person introduction, "Black sky Protected Area" is the international reference, Hangzhou 2013 issued the "City of Hangzhou Urban lighting Master Plan", the first proposed to set up a city in Hangzhou black Sky Protection zone, mainly in the natural mountains mainly scenic spots, less people, natural ecological relatively good areas, In particular, plants and animals have a variety of areas, such as the West Lake Mountains and Chaoshan scenic areas, must be forbidden to light, "nor because these mountains are suffering from light pollution, but hope that light pollution do not enter these areas." ” 

The method stipulates that in the urban black Sky protected Area designated by the Urban Illumination Special Plan, the landscape illumination facilities shall not be set up, and the functional lighting facilities shall not have the upper-shot light. Those who violate the relevant regulations shall be ordered by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement organ to correct the deadline, and the penalty of 2000 yuan or above 10,000 yuan shall be fined. 

In view of the light interference problem of lighting facilities, the method also explicitly requires that the city lighting be avoided to affect the residents ' life. For example, the 24th "City lighting is not allowed to direct the residential building windows." If the urban functional lighting facilities are closer to the residential building windows, the shading measures should be adopted. 

In addition, in order to ensure the safety of electricity, the "method" provides for the management and punishment of the external power supply: In addition to the construction and maintenance of municipal utilities, no unit or individual may connect to the power supply of urban functional lighting facilities. In violation of relevant provisions, unauthorized access to the city function lighting power, by the comprehensive administrative law enforcement agencies ordered to correct the time limit, at 100 yuan or more than 1000 yuan below fine. 

Extended reading: 

Landscape lighting Scheme on both sides of Huangpu River announced early next year 

Reporters from the recently held landscape lighting forum learned that the Huangpu River Landscape lighting design scheme has been basically determined, early next year plans to announce to the community. Project design from Wusong Mouth to Xupu Bridge, extending to the entire 45 kilometers of shoreline, will create a new night view of the Huangpu River. 

In order to improve the quality of landscape lighting on both sides of Huangpu River, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and Amenity has collected the Huangpu River landscape illumination design plan from the whole world earlier this year. 

After nearly 1 years, the Huangpu River Landscape lighting Design plan has been basically determined, will soon be announced to the community. According to the disclosure, the design plan will let the Huangpu river on both sides of the night to make the world a bright. From the range it will extend from the current Waitan area to the entire 45-kilometer shoreline, but also to the wusong mouth. There are a number of innovative ideas in the design plan, will be a special way to light the Huangpu River night. 

Waitan's night lighting is a dazzling city card in Shanghai, the end of this year through the 45-kilometer riverside shore Line night will be the Shanghai landscape lighting design of a pen. 

It is worth mentioning that, not long ago, the Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Greening and Amenity also issued the "Shanghai Landscape Lighting Master Plan", this is the first time in Shanghai to compile a city-area landscape lighting special planning. The plan clarified the core areas, important regions, development regions, general areas and forbidden areas of the city's landscape lighting development, and put forward the prohibition, Control and restrictive requirements.