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Zhongke Core Source Ye Shanghui: Led high-power packaging peaceful evolution

Dec 28, 2017

December 21, 2017-22nd, by senior engineer led by the "smoke gradually eliminate competition soft power depth integration of potential new opportunities" as the theme of the 2017 senior engineer led annual meeting and the Golden Globe Awards ceremony in Shenzhen Baoan Dunhill Hotel opened the curtain.

As the annual led industry chain year-end event, 2017 senior engineers led the annual meeting of the national led business leaders, and the scene 400+ industry Elite Comprehensive Outlook LED industry pattern, market, capital, technology trends and trend, in-depth integration and excavation of the current industrial situation under the new opportunities and strategies, Jointly solve the industry and enterprise "winning" way.

In the morning of December 22 by the new Yi-Chang title "LED Packaging equipment and materials: LED packaging equipment, several materials change and constant" special session, the core source of the general manager Ye Shanghui published "led high-power packaging of ' peaceful evolution '" keynote speech.


Ye Shanghui, general manager of Zhongke Core source

At present, led devices have been diversified, from the original small power to high-power, and from the advent of cob, high-power began to become larger. Cob in the high-power application of the deep impression is that the light decay, but Cob has a congenital advantage, that is, can reduce thermal resistance of the heat dissipation.

As we all know, in the cob aging process will appear silica gel, aging affect the output of light, mainly produces high temperature, may cause silica gel cracking, especially more than 100 Watts COB application will not be obvious.

According to Ye Shanghui, "in the early encapsulation of core source, the use of copper substrates, and then converted into aluminum substrates." The material application mainly looks at its heat conduction rate, copper has higher thermal conductivity than aluminum, but aluminum can be cut to thinner, when we switch to ceramics, we find that the combination of our fluorescent materials more stable, we do not use aluminum nitride, but with alumina to do, the same size can achieve 300 watts cob light source. The conversion result is slightly different from that of aluminum, which means that the reflection problem has a certain effect on the light effect, but the whole temperature control may be better. ”

In fact, the core source from the early copper substrate to the aluminum plate switch, the bottom glue from the fluorescent glue switch to the insulating glue, the thermal resistance drops, the low thermal conductivity of the insulating gum can actually through the core source of the technology to solve its thickness, the same can achieve the result of the thermal resistance reduction.

Zhongke core source with transparent fluorescent ceramic packaging, designed a structure, the heat source independent export, through the test results, the fluorescent ceramic surface temperature at 121 degrees, but not in the middle of the site. Under the normal application, the TC point of the core source will be controlled at 65-70 degrees, and the reliability under practical application can be guaranteed well.

"We use transparent fluorescent ceramics to optimize the thermal structure of the light source package, effectively reducing the high power cob light source operating temperature." Ye Shanghui last mentioned.