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Optimistic about business opportunities, Taiwan LED factory actively grab the layout of IR LED

Jan 04, 2018

Infra-red LED new applications, business opportunities look Qiao, Taiwan crystal Power, Ding Yuan, Honzi, Bai Hong and other led factory to aggravate the infrared LED grain market development and layout. Legal person optimistic, infra-red opportunity to let the LED factory in Taiwan this year out of the past few years of the operating trough. 

Set State Consulting LED Research Center (ledinside) The latest "2018 Infrared Sensing Application Market report" in the forecast, 2017 global infrared LED Market size (excluding optical sensor market) estimated at 439 million U.S. dollars, 2018 estimated to 505 million U.S. dollars, estimated to continue to grow to 697 million U.S. dollars in 2021, the main growth power in security monitoring, iris and face recognition, infrared touch panel. 

Infrared LED components more and more thin, on the mobile phone with infrared LED component applications also increased, including proximity sensors, iris identification, face recognition, such as crystal power, ding Yuan, light lei, Honzi and Bai Hong etc actively grab into the relevant layout, is expected to benefit from the relevant business opportunities. 

The Crystal Power emphasizes that early establishment of the company is based on the development of infra-red, the current crystal electricity in this field still has advantages, including the control of product wavelength, light and so on, coupled with cost, yield control, crystal Electric master technology and long-term experience value, in the good rate, cost control are the strengths of the crystal power. 

Ding Yuan stressed that the company will be locked in the future infrared sensing market. Ding Yuan 2017 infrared LED sensing products are driven by strong market demand, shipping performance growth, and due to relative lighting market, sensing market wide application, product gross margin is also relatively good. 

Ding Yuan 2017 years before the three-quarter gross profit margin to 23.58%, is the best of the same period in nearly more than 10 years. 2018 Taiwan Province nan New plant continued to expand infrared sensing product layout, will be the future of the company's important growth momentum. 

Acer optimistic about the infrared LED market, has been planning in Guangzhou and land-funded joint venture to set up a subsidiary, mainly in the production of infra-red related products, including Honzi will hold 75% of the stock, is expected to be officially put into production before the end of 2018.