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​Mulinsen: Strengthen key market next year is expected to enter the world's top three

Jan 04, 2018

   ♦ Mulinsen 2017 Hong Kong autumn light booth 

General lighting Business help push Mulinsen first three quarter filament lamp explosion-type growth 

According to Mulinsen announced three quarterly, Mulinsen Q3 revenue for 2.234 billion yuan, an increase of 39.85%, net profit of 134 million yuan, down 17.2%. Accumulated the first three quarters of revenue reached 5.86 billion yuan, an increase of 59.01% per cent, the cumulative net profit of 440 million yuan, an increase of 40.04%. 

For the reasons for the rapid growth of the business in the first three quarters of Mulinsen, Lin Guiliang said encapsulation was the biggest growth point in Mulinsen, and the 2017 package growth was mainly from the growth of the general lighting business, especially with the international first-line major customers, which led to a larger growth of Mulinsen the entire group. 

In addition, Lin Guiliang added, the current Mulinsen filament lamp business is showing an explosive growth. According to Lin Guiliang, "it had already been expected to have a growth of 70% to 100%, but it was not expected to exceed expectations and achieve more than 100% of the growth, so many capacity has not been followed." ” 

However, capacity can not keep up with only temporarily, because early in the first half of 2017, Mulinsen announced in Zhejiang Yiwu Industrial Park, a new LED filament lamp production base, it is understood that the base is doing infrastructure and plant hardware construction, is expected to continue to launch before the end of next year. According to Lin Guiliang, 2018 expected Mulinsen filament lamp to reach the 3000w/month of the whole lamp capacity, then the size of the filament lamps larger. ” 

Due to the Mulinsen in the first three quarters of the season, Lin Guiliang expressed confidence in the fourth quarter's commitment to expected performance. 

Three business sectors to develop the Territory 

According to Lin Guiliang, Mulinsen is currently divided into three major business sections: 0 components and LED devices, EMS (lighting OEM business), OBM (lighting own brand). 0 components including stent, CCL, lighting related materials and accessories, LED devices are the company's traditional packaging business, which is another two major business necessary support. EMS is mainly the OEM production of finished products.

 Mulinsen Current Product Organization structure:

One of 0 components and LED device plate accounted for the company's revenue of 70%-80%, has a good growth, lighting the overall market share is also quite good; EMS PLATE: Mulinsen Now cooperates with many retail supermarkets in the United States and Europe, especially the filament lamp. and OBM plate, Mulinsen itself has mulinsen lighting, plus the Hollande Vance, so that Mulinsen in the global layout has a better situation. In particular, Landevince, the world's second-largest global lighting brand after Philips, covers more than 100 countries and regions. With a strong sales network, occupy a greater market share. 

For these three business plate future planning, Lin Guiliang said, 0 components and LED device plate will continue to expand, the future even more hope to expand to include automotive, infrared, UV-related areas. Lighting foundry business sector, will strengthen the United States and the European Retail supermarket services, the most main is the filament lamp. In addition to the development of emerging markets a lot of lamp, glass tube, the future is expected to have a good growth. Lighting Brand PLATE: There are more and more integrated lighting, the future will have more comprehensive applications such as commercial, home and industrial lighting, the category will gradually complete. Lin Guiliang In the interview also special mention Landevince, "this year is the LED lighting really pushed to the market in the first year, achieved very good results, turnover of about 200 million euros, but also maintain a certain profit." ” 

Strengthen key market next year is expected to enter the world's top three 

Although the three major plate development momentum is very good, but the three major business sectors of the key market also shows a different pattern. According to Lin Guiliang analysis, at present, 0 components and led device Board of the main market is mainland China, accounting for more than 90%, exports accounted for only a small part of the EMS business sector, currently Europe and the United States is the largest market plate, the future will increase the layout in Asia, especially Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia, India and other markets and the OBM plate, the performance of Europe and the United States accounted for higher. 

At the same time, Lin Guiliang also said that the three major plate market capacity is not the same. The market capacity of components is relatively small, but the market is relatively concentrated, so mulinsen in this section of the market share is high. EMS Plate, the overall market capacity is larger than the components, but more decentralized. At the same time because more competitors, so to form a large system will take a certain time. OBM plate, the lowest concentration, relative to the overall market share, each brand occupies a small market share, but some individuals are also relatively large volume. 

For the development of Mulinsen lighting brand, Lin Guiliang specifically talked about the Hollande, the Landevince and mulinsen the combination of very confident. "Such as Landevince, a year's sales of about 2 billion euros, ranked in the forefront of the world." If complete with Mulinsen next year, Landevince plus Mulinsen about 3.5 billion dollars in size, or even 373.8 billion U.S. dollars, into the world's first three major lighting enterprises. In terms of the current sales channels, we are already second, but in terms of sales amount and volume, next year, combined, will have the opportunity to enter the world's top three.