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Can blue light reduce crime and suicide? British traffic police are interested

Jan 06, 2018

The crime rate dropped after the blue light was installed on Buchanan Street in Glasgow, Scotland. At a railway station in Tokyo, suicide was a serious problem, and after the installation of the blue light, the death of the rail-skipping event was completely halted. The Gatwick Airport train station outside London, for the same reason, is carrying out a large-scale trial installation of the blue light.

These obvious successes raise some compelling questions. For example, do these lights directly lead to a reduction in crime and suicide? If so, why?

LED light.jpg

Theories abound: unexpected colours can be taken by surprise, altering their expected behavior; blue light has a calming effect; blue light evokes emergency services and paramedics.

Traffic police in Britain are interested in this and are investigating the phenomenon. Suicide and crime are just one of their concerns, and the British police and local governments have been using blue lights in public places for years to reduce intravenous drug use. They want to know the effect of Blu-ray on this and other applications.