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California and Incandescent said :goodbye,dealers calmly face the new rules

Jan 06, 2018

Old-fashioned light bulbs known for warm colors will begin to disappear from store shelves this week, according to the new California rules, U.S. Capital Radio reported. The new rules do not prohibit all incandescent bulbs, but set a very high energy standard. 

Max Lofing's Lighting shop is located in the center of Sacramento, and he is ready.

Lofing said: "We have seen this problem, the new rules will not affect us." If someone asks for an incandescent lamp, we will tell them that there is no incandescent bulb now, this is a new generation of products. ”

Lofing's lighting shop turned to selling almost all the energy-saving lights eight years ago and now sells all kinds of LED bulbs. 

"We actually have a display that can show LEDs in different shades of color, and you can see that it's all warm," Lofing said. "Everyone is afraid of blue light." ” 

Incandescent bulbs do not meet the new standard of 45 lumens per watt. The California State Energy Commission (California Commission) estimates that the state's 250 million sockets are still using the Thomas Edison (Thomas Edison) era bulb.

Andrew McAllister, a member of the California State Energy Commission, said: "There are still a lot of incandescent lights in California, and when the transition is complete, it can save about 1 billion dollars a year, most of which goes directly into consumers ' pockets." ” 

Noah Horowitz of the Natural Resources Conservation Council (Natural Resource Defense Council) said that while the cost of energy-saving bulbs might be higher, the return on investment was higher. 

"In addition to saving a lot of energy, these bulbs can be used for 10-25 years," he said. So, avoid the trouble of changing the bulb every year. ” 

Still, not all manufacturers like the new rules, and say this will limit the choice of customers. But a recent judge in California State a lawsuit to try to make the lights conform to efficiency standards.