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How much light does GE, philips, osram's big three have?

Jan 10, 2018

General Electric: Lighting Business incorporated into its subsidiaries

GE Lighting can be said to be the pioneer of the entire lighting industry, but GE, the 125-year-old company that relies on lighting, has sold its business in 2017, including the lighting business.

In June 2017, GE Lighting CEO said in an internal e-mail that GE had formally started discussions with potential buyers about the sale of GE Lighting, and GE considered the sale of the business, including North American residential LED lighting and home networking technology, but would also retain a business LED lighting service called current. The news has officially implemented rumors that GE is about to sell its lighting business.

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Then, on November 13, GE's new CEO, Flannery, stated GE's future blueprint, saying that GE would focus its operations on the three major areas of aviation, energy, electricity and health care, without mentioning the lighting business in the slightest.

Although GE responded by saying that it has been bullish on the lighting business, they expect sales of light bulbs to rise by 5% and profit by 15% next year, but these will be led by GE's current company, which means that future GE lighting is only part of current.

The current company's main business is to help businesses and individuals save energy costs, for hospitals, schools and shopping malls and other customers to provide energy services, and current will merge led businesses responsible for business and industrial customers, while with GE's solar energy, energy storage, electric vehicles and other business integration.

GE, after losing weight, will be the industry's main business again.

Osram: Expansion of business capacity transformation of High-tech companies

Osram 2017 also quite popular. In March 2017, with Mulinsen acquisition of Osram's subsidiary of the case of the dust settles, Osram will completely abandon the traditional consumption of lighting, the future Osram will enter the high-end lighting field, mainly including automotive lighting and special lighting.

Automotive lighting, the 2017 Osram and the mainland group in the automotive sector has a further cooperation program, two enterprises in accordance with the proportion of 50% joint venture Osram Continental GmbH, Osram Group will be the automotive solid-state lighting (SSL) business to the joint venture, And the mainland group will transfer the body and Safety Business unit lighting control business into a joint venture.

The joint venture combines innovative lighting technology with electronics and software technology to develop, produce and sell intelligent lighting solutions for the automotive industry and manufacturers. The venture will operate independently and will be incorporated into the Osram Financial report after the company began operation in 2018.

November 23, 2017, Osram in Malaysia, the new plant is officially put into existence, the factory is the world's largest and most modern 6-inch wafer LED chip production base. Osram Group chief executive Olaf Berlien at the factory opening ceremony said that now Osram Two-thirds of the sales are based on optoelectronic semiconductor business, the future of Osram will be the direction of High-tech companies.

November 7, Osram released 2017 financial year results, the annual report shows that Osram 2017 fiscal year revenue of more than 4 billion euros, the year-on-year growth of more than 8%, operating profit growth of 43 million euros to 695 million euros, profit margin of 16.8%. Among them, the photoelectric semiconductor business growth rate is the fastest in 2016, reaching 18.9%.

In addition, the Siemens group, which holds Osram shares, announced on October 4, 2017 that it would sell the Osram 17.34% shareholding to end the relationship over the years.

Philips: Full focus on intelligent interconnected lighting

Since the 2016 Royal Philips split Philips Lighting, the 2017 Royal Philips will continue to sell their holdings of Philips Lighting company, and Philips Lighting since 2016, its Philips Lumileds 80.1% stake in the U.S.-funded Apollo Global management company, has been focused on intelligent interconnected lighting, including smart home lighting and intelligent city.

March 2017, Philips signed a memorandum of understanding with China Mobile Research Institute, July, with the BoE's voice hardware products "Buzz Speakers" signed a cooperation agreement; November, signed a cooperation agreement with Baidu, the same month, and China Telecom Beijing company to reach strategic cooperation, the cooperation of these projects are for intelligent interconnection lighting services.

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It is understood that Philips lighting products in 2017 Double 11 in the intelligent lighting sales of the entire network first, Philips personalized intelligent lighting system "show" sales growth of 10 times times year-on-year. In smarter cities, Philips Lighting has completed more than 20 projects worldwide by the end of November.

In addition, 2017 Philips Lighting also responded to the "Global Lighting Challenge Program", became the first to sell a billion LED light source and lighting products of LED enterprises, the future will continue to 2 billion of the target forward.


Philips, Osram, GE Lighting, once the world's big three now can say only two, GE Lighting is strictly the exit of the competition.

Now in the General lighting field, China LED lighting companies have caught up with the international lighting companies, and the light faded international lighting giant although still in the high-end lighting field ahead, but also not unreachable.

After 2017 years, we can see that the international lighting companies have abandoned the surplus business, the future in the high-end lighting field will be more focused, 2018 high-end lighting will become a new battlefield.

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