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Self-ballasted fluorescent lamps for general lighting--State supervision and inspection results

Jan 11, 2018

  The spot check according to GB 16844-2008 "general lighting from the town of the safety requirements of the fluorescent lamp", GB/t 17263-2013 "general lighting with the performance requirements of the town-run fluorescent lamps", GB 19044-2013 "general lighting with self-ballasted fluorescent lamp energy efficiency limit and energy efficiency level", GB 17625. 1-2012 "Electromagnetic compatibility limit value harmonic current emission limit (equipment per phase input current 16A)", GB/t 17743-2007, "electrical lighting and similar equipment, radio disturbance characteristics of the limits and measurement methods," and other standards of the requirements of the auto-stream fluorescent lamp products interchangeability, shock protection, mechanical strength, Heat resistance, fire and flame prevention, failure status, lamp power, luminous flux, light effect, color index, color tolerance, 2000h optical maintenance rate, energy-efficient limit, harmonic current limit, disturbance voltage, radiation electromagnetic disturbance and other 16 projects were tested.

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  Spot checks found that Foshan shunde area Europe and Lighting Electric Co., Ltd. 1 batches of energy-saving lamps (Specification Model: Ypz 220/15-2U:RR QD 0. 12aλ:0. 220v~ 50Hz 15W; production Date/Lot number: 2017-04-25 the sample was detected by the lamp power, color tolerance, 2000h optical maintenance rate, harmonic current limit item unqualified; Chengdu 135 Star Industrial Co., Ltd. 1 batches of efficient electronic energy-saving lamps (Specification Model: YPZ 220/ 15-xs Production Date/Lot number: 2017-07-19) The sample was checked out 2000h optical flux Maintenance rate project unqualified.

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