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China's led companies have long pointed to the sword cinema market

Jan 12, 2018

Last March, Samsung launched the world's first led film screen at the CinemaCon film Fair in Las Vegas, which shocked the film industry and attracted the attention of the domestic LED display industry. In July, Samsung continued to complete the installation of the world's first commercial screen in Seoul, South Korea's Lotte cinema world Tower, and Samsung plans to install led film screens in February 2018 at the Paragon Theatre in Bangkok, Thailand. According to disclosure, the Samsung LED movie screen is 10.24x5.4 meters, capable of presenting the latest blockbuster film with a memorable 4K resolution (4096x2160 pixel) under High dynamic Range (HDR) technology, Bring an ecstatic and dynamic viewing experience to the audience through state-of-the-art future quality. The Samsung LED movie screen uses about 8.8 million led LEDs to illuminate its broad display area, while also featuring a professional audio solutions company-Harman (HARMAN professionalsolutions) and Samsung Audio Labs (Samsungaudio LAB), which allows viewers to immerse themselves in lifelike sound effects.

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Samsung in the theater market development, domestic LED display enterprises can not turn a blind eye, after all, for the business show the market like a duck, days over the better China LED display companies, the cinema market is also longing for a long time goal. After all, the cinema market is huge, relevant data show that since 2007, the national screen number maintained a trend of continuous growth, the annual composite growth rate of 31.55%. In 2016, China added 9552 big screens, or more than 30%, and at the end of 2016, China surpassed the US in 41,000 screens, becoming the world's largest film-screen country.

LED display companies in China with "small spacing" in the business area to expand the territory, the current achievements. In the 2017, P1.2 's small spacing product market application gradually increased, in the command control, the television live area already started to apply. Small spacing LED display can be achieved 4K, 8K into the cinema market, at least in terms of clarity has not been a problem, but due to small spacing LED display in the high reliability (dead light problem), long time experience effects (long time to see prone to dizziness) and the cost (the smaller the spacing, the unit cost rise faster) and so on there are short , leading to small spacing LED display into the theater market has become somewhat powerless. Because of these problems, the majority of the industry led display companies to the cinema market can only "exclaiming".

But this situation is quietly changing. Industry has a company through innovation, and gradually overcome the LED display screen into the technical barriers to cinemas.

The current small spacing display is difficult to enter the theater, but China's LED display companies are not completely not the possibility of entering the theater. Now Samsung first launched the "LED Cinema", has been to the 2D theater market, but the current theater system mainly to the main, only our China, the domestic 50,000 screen 90% is 3D system. In response to this situation, Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Display Technology Co., Ltd. has developed a successful "LED Stereo display system." According to the understanding, this system occupies the world leading level, compared with the traditional projector, led system brightness and contrast are 30 times times the height of the projector, no defocus, no loss of convergence, no "dark adaptation" and "Light adaptation" process, watch it feel clear, very important, after a long period of verification, This system basically does not produce 3D vertigo feeling.

The appearance of 3D display system, can be said to be the Chinese LED display to enter the theater market opens a door. So, with the progress of technology and maturity, whether it means that China's LED display companies into the theater market is the case? I'm afraid it's not that simple.


Samsung's led movie screen is only groundbreaking to enter the market, in the global film market, the first to break the traditional projection technology in the cinema market absolute status, for LED display into the theater system into the theater market has played a "leading brother" role. Samsung can open this precedent, with its strong branch strength and the precipitation of corporate culture, its brand influence has played a major role. It was through cooperation with the cinema that Samsung successfully installed the product to the cinema.

It is understood that, through cooperation with Arena Cinema and Imaculix AG, Samsung is installing the first LED film screen in Europe in arena theaters in Zurich, Switzerland. According to Arena, the boss of the cinema, EDI Stockli introduced: "Samsung led movie screen to avoid the use of projectors brought about by the glare of the light, which for the theater's interior design provides a lot of new possibilities." Based on this, we completely abandoned the previous interior furnishings, using an innovative concept of seat layout, hoping to bring a new audience experience. ”

Visible, from Samsung LED movie screen to promote the process of cinema, we can also see that led display want to enter the cinema market, in addition to technical problems, the greater obstacles may come from the market.

If China's LED display companies want to rely on the huge domestic theater market, in the theater market a piece, must be carried out business model innovation, if it is the same, follow the traditional old practice, in order to sell products and do products, so no matter how good products do, if not the recognition of the market, it is impossible to talk about. Objectively speaking, the face in the cinema market for many years of the giant beast traditional projection, LED display in the product cost and have advantages, so the enterprise how to convince the operators of cinemas, how to see the experience to impress the audience, to find a common win road, will become the key. And precisely in the mode of innovation, the vast majority of China's LED display enterprises lack.

Therefore, in the future, the Chinese LED display enterprises into the cinema market, in addition to the technical process of tackling, but also in the business model to explore. We believe that in the industry's major display companies in the joint efforts, with the technical progress and maturity, I believe that led display into the cinema that day, will come.

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