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CES 2018:led Lighting Man you need to know this.

Jan 12, 2018

local time from January 9 to 12th, the annual CES (International Consumer Electronics Exhibition) held in Las Vegas, USA. As one of the most important consumer electronics exhibitions in the world, every year there will be a big number of manufacturers from all over the globe to participate in, spare no effort to display their own black technology and new products, and product categories will also cover home appliances, video, mobile phones, automobiles, AR/VR and other fields.

As a lighting person, what do you need to know at CES this year? Small knitting will take you through this CES.

Intelligent Home and intelligent speaker

As early as a few years ago, smart home equipment was a big play at CES. But until recently, they had reached the reach of most consumers, because they were increasingly convenient to install, to connect to mobile phones, or to voice assistants.

Over the past few years, smart home technology has gradually taken over some of the basic functions-traditional bulbs, power sockets, speakers, door handles and so on. This year, companies will continue to expand their range of smart homes, incorporating new types of equipment and offering richer options under existing categories. You may already have an online bulb, but there are more than one place where you can put a light bulb.

LED-RGB-Car-Decoration-Interior-Atmosphere-Car-Lighting (2).jpg

Currently in foreign best-selling voice helper carrier-Amazon Smart speakers help Alexa into the thousands of families, many large and small technology companies officially fancy the popularity of the Amazon Alexa, began to cooperate widely. Intelligent light bulbs, intelligent sweeping robots, home security systems and even refrigerators, microwaves, coffee machines and so on, are tempted to access voice assistants, in addition to thousands of companies in the Alexa development of new features.

Of course, with Google's participation, Google's home family will naturally not be less. However, in the years before LG has launched a built-in Google Assistant thinq Smart speakers, and determined to be at CES, so it can be said to be strong Google Assistant prestige.

In addition, the previous media received an invitation to show that January 9, the Alibaba Artificial Intelligence Laboratory will hold a IoT strategy conference at CES Exhibition Center, attended by Alibaba Artificial Intelligence laboratory head light snow, MediaTek vice President Zhenger and the International Bluetooth Organization Association responsible person.

In addition, there is an invisible player is Apple. Although Apple does not participate in CES, but last year many home platforms are compatible with Apple's HomeKit platform, Apple also used to brush a wave of the sense of existence. This year, it is worth paying attention to the extent to which an absent apple can get a sense of existence.

Automatic driving and car lighting

Automatic driving is still the highlight of the CES, from the current display of news, the entire vehicle manufacturers, including Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Mitsubishi, Honda, Nissan, Asia, Hyundai and other debut this CES.

On autopilot, at CES this year, Baidu, which has opened its autopilot Apollo platform, will release the Apollo 2.0 version to the world, and the full range of products on the platform will also be unveiled globally. Baidu said that the Apollo 2.0 will have the most open, most complete and safest automatic driving ability, support simple urban road automatic driving.

Automotive lighting field, China's optical network has also been reported before. Osram will also showcase the first launch of the use of LED and laser light source technology to provide illumination and logo projection on the road ahead. In short: Osram is constantly committed to promoting the future development of automotive lighting, so that vehicles more intelligent, safer, more stylish, while more responsive to the internal and external environment changes.


Osram DMD laser light source is suitable for the road ahead to provide illumination and logo projection. This adaptive headlight technology is extremely high-resolution, creating a glare-proof experience with millions of pixels, even communicating with other drivers, passengers and road users, and playing the latest video after parking.

In addition, the driver can use Osram's car lighting system to adjust the atmosphere of the car lighting to meet or improve their mood. With the help of biological monitoring technology, the vehicle can measure the driver's pressure level and adjust the illumination color and illumination level automatically so as to let the driver relax and ensure safe driving.

In the automotive lighting system, this year, before the first public debut in the International Consumer Electronics exhibition, an All-electric Niro SUV has been combed. Although it is advertised as a "concept car", it will join the existing Niro hybrid and plug-in hybrid models later this year. It is a leading mass production model of the test car, with a large number of conceptual techniques, such as HMI and so-called "motion graphics" lighting system.

5G, Internet of things and intelligent city

5G Mobile communication technology will push the internet to a new level, then download an average size of the movie is less than 5 minutes, the speed is now about 100 times times the 4G. More importantly, 5G networks have ultra-low latency, allowing faster communication between devices and devices, the most important technical support for building a network of things, smarter cities, and self-driving cars.

5G Commercial rapid development, the most direct impact is to promote the Acer station and the construction of micro-base station, and the two have a significant correlation with the light pole. Many street lamps are the most dense urban infrastructure, become the city's blood vessels, the future of Intelligent Street light is an important source of information collection, is the first site of Intelligent City transformation and important entrance. In the future, intelligent city construction, intelligent Street lamp will be with cloud construction, communication infrastructure construction, Acer station construction to take off.

LED RGB Car Decoration Interior Atmosphere Car Lighting

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