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China's LED packaging prices began to fall in the first quarter of 2018, manufacturers continue to lay high growth rate market

Jan 15, 2018

Ledinside analyst Wang said, although in recent months China's major manufacturers have been down the price of LED chip products, but because of the packaging end of the supply of chip procurement cycle longer, so prices did not immediately follow the downward adjustment. In addition, although some brand agents to adjust prices for individual orders, but December 2017 the overall average price of the market remains stable.

Price stability, manufacturers continue to upgrade product performance, and focus on the development of industrial lighting, outdoor lighting, such as higher growth rate of the market. For example, Branch Rui introduced ultra-high-density high-power new products, lumen density up to 284 lm/mm2.

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In addition, Chinese manufacturers continue to develop vehicle lighting markets through investment acquisitions. For example, the development of crystal acquisition and the United States after the chip and fluorescent powder patent, and then invest in the lamp module end, realized from the LEI chip to the Lamp module vertical integration, into the car before the market.

LED bulb prices rose slightly, the European market filament lamp continued to sell hot

The global LED bulb, December 2017, LED light bulb price slightly increased, replacing the 40-watt incandescent lamp LED bulb retail average prices rose by 1.7%, to 6.3 U.S. dollars; the retail average price of the LED bulb, which replaces the 60-watt incandescent lamp, Rose 1.2% to $7.5.

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Among them, Japan's regional prices rose markedly, replacing the 40-watt part, up 4%, replacing the 60-watt part, up 2.3%. The main reason is the end of the promotional activities, some of the product prices back to normal levels, in addition Ohm motor launched a number of new products, prices above the market average price.

Prices in the UK rose slightly, with 40 watts partly up 1.2% per cent and 60 watts partly up 2.3%. Germany's regional prices have slipped, with some 40 watts falling 1.6% and 60 watts falling 1%. Müller and Philips introduced more than 10 new products, mainly LED filament bulbs, prices are below the market average price. Elsewhere, prices in the US and South Korea have been raised slightly, while Chinese prices have remained stable.

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