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Two countries for LED light bulbs and small night light implementation of security compulsory certification

Jan 15, 2018

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It is noteworthy that this amendment will led bulbs, small night Lights and other 6 categories of products added to the compulsory certification product range. Standards, from June 1, 2018 onwards, into the Australian market led bulbs and small night lights and other products must first apply for mandatory safety certificate (i.e. SAA certification). According to the introduction, SAA Australian International Standards Company is Australia's only standard certification body. Whether imported or locally assembled electrical products, before entering the Australian market, first of all through the Australian International Standards Company certification.


Inspection and quarantine departments to remind the Export to Australia's related lighting manufacturers: to pay attention to Australia's electronic and electrical products standards revision, the new standard to study research, do a good job of technical trade measures to deal with, do have an idea.

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