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China Automotive Lighting Market: LED headlamp penetration speed

Jan 16, 2018

LED industry to reduce the competition situation gradually smooth, led packaging manufacturers billion light chairman Ye Yinfe was interviewed, in response to a few days ago, China's three-way photoelectric LED chip, said that the price is to represent the market recovery, if we continue to kill prices will not be able to compete. He looked at the booming development of the 2017, and said that billion light this year to lock things networking, car and small spacing LED products, such as three major areas of development.

Ye Yinfe pointed out that 2017 LED industry will be better than 2016 years, because the popularization of lighting products led to the demand, related applications will continue to increase. In particular, the advent of the internet of things, sensor is an important part of the key components, and billion light in the infrared and sensor products also have a deep foundation, in the market needs to improve under the development will be good. The vehicle market includes LED light source, automatic driving, automatic identification technology and other applications, will drive LED and infrared sensing product demand. In addition, Ye Yin also optimistic about small spacing market with a high growth space, I believe that 2017 billion light will be greatly reaped.


Referring to the issue of patent litigation that has been a long time between Japan and Asia, Ye Yinfe admits that there is an obstruction to the German lawsuit, but there is still an appeal, and therefore believes that the problem will be solved. He stressed that billion-light products with patents and absolutely no infringement, has been in Japan, the United States and Taiwan won, but also the only winner of the Japanese-Asian lawsuit manufacturers. As for the Vizio, the LCD TV manufacturer accused of infringing the Japanese, TCL Group, and so on, whether the use of billion-light LED backlight module, Ye YINFE only responded that billion light is not the only supplier, it must also be regarded as the Japanese-Asian complaints of the machine species can be determined, but billion light will not be affected, will continue to and the Japanese-Asian confrontation, Litigation disputes can hardly end in a short time.

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