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New Year's weather many led company management team to replace the fresh face

Jan 17, 2018

Photo-Electricity Adjustment Yangzhou subsidiary management team

January 15, the Zhang Dixiang Photoelectric Bulletin said the company's board of directors recently received the company's deputy general manager of the resignation of Mr. Mr. Zhang Dixiang for personal reasons to resign from the company's deputy general manager, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Yangzhou Dry Photo Photoelectric Co., Ltd. Director, general Manager position, resigned after the company as a strategic consultant. According to the relevant laws and regulations, the resignation report shall take effect from the date of delivery of the company's board of directors.

In the same period, Yangzhou Dry Photo Photoelectric Co., Ltd. convened the Board of Trustees, the review agreed to appoint Yangzhou company's former deputy general manager Mr. Guoqing as the general manager of Yangzhou, to consider the new appointment Du Shilei Mr. Ma Xiangju, Mr. Peng Yueren for Yangzhou company deputy general Manager. The above appointment is advantageous to the subsidiary company's management structure further consummation, is advantageous to the subsidiary company Standard operation and the development.


Mr. Guoqing since the company, conscientious and rich experience in production management, with Mr. Zhang Dixiang together to promote Yangzhou company's production and operation, to help the company's overall performance improvement, demonstrated outstanding work and management capabilities. The future, hope that Yangzhou Company's new management team can do their best to continue to play the Director, jointly promote the development of the company.

Tai Lighting Appointment Finance director

January 15, Tai Lung lighting issued a notice, the company held on January 15, 2018, the second board of directors at the 16th meeting to consider the adoption of the "Company to employ the financial controller of the Motion", nominated by the company's general manager, agreed to appoint Du Yanli as the company's financial controller, The term of office shall be from the date of the Board's deliberation and the expiration of this board.

As of the date of this bulletin, Du Yanli does not hold shares in the company, with the actual control of the company, shareholders and other holders of more than 5% shareholder and other directors, supervisors, senior management, there is no correlation; no "company law", "articles of Incorporation" and "guidelines for the Regulation and operation of listed companies of Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem" 3rd. 2.3 The circumstances of not being a senior management of a company are not subject to the punishment of the CSRC and his relevant departments or the disciplinary action of the stock exchange, nor is it a breach of the law, and the qualification of the service complies with relevant laws and regulations, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and the articles of Association of the company. Independent directors of the company have made clear and independent comments on the bill.

Infineon's deputy general manager and Chief Financial officer

January 15, the Infineon Electronic Bulletin said the company held its second board meeting on January 11, 2018 to consider the adoption of the "Company's deputy general manager, financial Controller of the Motion", by the company general manager F Marshall Miles nominated, agreed to appoint Mr. Kuzhe as the company's deputy general manager, The chief financial officer shall be appointed from the date of the resolution of the Board to the expiration of the second term of the board.

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According to the bulletin, Kuzhe, male, born in July 1978, Chinese nationality, no permanent residency abroad. 2002 graduated from Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics, majoring in accounting, bachelor degree, Senior Accountant, registered tax master, International registered auditor. Formerly Zhejiang million Horse Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. accounting, Zhejiang Telecom Hangzhou Telecom Engineering Co., Ltd. accounting, Alibaba (China) Network Technology Co., Ltd. Financial analysis, Hangzhou and Li-Time Automation Co., Ltd. Accounting director. 2007 in the Spotlight Technology (Hangzhou) Co., Ltd. successive financial managers, senior financial managers, deputy finance supervisor and other positions, while also serving as a concentrating instrument (Hong Kong) Limited executive Director and other posts. Joined the company in October 2017.

The Secretary of the Board of directors and the representative of Securities Affairs

January 13, the master's bulletin said that the company held its second board meeting on January 12, 2018 (temporary) to consider the adoption of the "Secretary of the Board of Directors of the company to appoint a motion." Nominated by the Chairman of the company, Cheng Zongyu, the board of Directors to review the nomination committee, the Board decided to appoint Ms. Shanyan as the company's board secretary. The Secretary of the Board shall be appointed from the date of the Board's deliberations until the expiration of the current board.


According to the bulletin, Ms. Shanyan has obtained the secretary of the Shenzhen Stock Exchange Board of Directors Qualification certificate, its qualifications in line with the "Company Law", "Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem Stock listing rules" and other relevant provisions. Before the meeting of the Board of directors, Ms. Shanyan's appointment to the Secretary of the Board of Directors has been approved by the Shenzhen Stock Exchange without objection.

On the same day, the famous exchange also issued a notice that decided to appoint Ms. Zengli as a securities representative, to assist the Secretary of the Board to carry out work, the term of office from the date of the Board of Trustees to the date of the expiration of the term of office.

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