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A little bit of praise! This led plant technology won the second prize of National Science and technology progress

Jan 17, 2018

Yang Qichang researcher led the team to put forward the concept of plant "light formula" and explain its theoretical basis, and created the LED energy-saving light source and its light environment regulation technology based on the light formula. Based on the response characteristics of plant photosynthesis to different spectra, the concept of "light formula" was first put forward, and the optimization parameters of light formula for typical crops in different growth stages were constructed. Created based on the light formula of Red (660nm) and Blu-ray (450nm) chip combination, Blu-ray chip and phosphor excitation multispectral combination (R/G/B/FR) led energy-saving light source; developed a mobile LED light source based on plant development characteristics and light environment regulation technology, which significantly reduced the energy consumption of light source, Realize Energy saving 50.9%.


In this paper, the method of energy-saving temperature regulation in plant plant is proposed, and the energy-saving control technology based on outdoor cold source and air-conditioning is developed. Based on nighttime outdoor air containing cold, the reality of the high energy consumption in the light period air-conditioning, the first time put forward the light period in the night, the introduction of outdoor natural cold source cooling "light-temperature coupled energy-saving thermostat" method, invented based on outdoor cold source and air-conditioning coordinated thermostat plant energy-saving environment control equipment, significantly reduce air-conditioning energy consumption. Compared with the traditional air-conditioning cooling, energy-saving rate reached 24.6-63.0%.

The technology of UV nanometer TiO2 nutrient solution and the method of improving vegetable quality before harvesting was developed, and the technology of vegetable quality improvement based on light-nutrition coordinated control was developed. A technical method of UV nanometer TiO2 in synergetic treatment of the self poisonous substance of nutrient liquid was invented, the new technique of controlling vegetable quality by short-term continuous illumination before harvesting was first put forward, and the optimized parameters of light environment and control strategy for improving vegetable quality were proved, and the nitrate content of leaf vegetables was decreased by more than 30%, and the content of VC and soluble sugar was improved remarkably.

IP54-Waterproof-LED-Plant-Growing-Flexible-Strips-Light-Red-Blue (1).jpg

Development of plant plant light efficiency, energy efficiency and nutritional quality promotion of the environment-nutrition multi-factor synergy technology, the integration of the creation of 3 series of intelligent led plant factory sets of products. The logic control strategy and algorithm based on multiple factors such as light formula, light-temperature coupling and nutrition quality promotion are proved. The intelligent control technology of plant plant based on IoT is developed, and the on-line detection, remote access, and the factors such as temperature, humidity, illumination, CO2 concentration and nutrient liquid EC, PH, do and so on are realized. Program Update and network intelligent control. Integration created 3 series of intelligent LED plant factory complete sets of technical products: scale-oriented, mobile, family miniature plant plants.

The results were authorized 86 patents, including 42 inventions patent (the United States and other international invention Patent 4), published 112 articles (including SCI and ei included 38), published monographs 5, and created a large-scale production, mobile, family miniature plant plants and many other products.

June 2016 "Intelligent led plant technology" as a major agricultural science and technology achievements Representative, participated in the national "Twelve-Five" scientific and Technological innovation Achievement exhibition, received wide acclaim from all walks of life, known as "land use and agricultural methods subversive technology."


The world famous plant factory expert, the Japanese Plant Factory Society director, Japan Chiba University former president ancient Professor mapletree the project achievement Height Appraisal: "The Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences Plant Factory technology in the light formulation and the LED light source, the light-temperature coupling energy conservation environment control and so on aspect research at the international leading level." ”

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