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Apple sued by domestic supplier of material

Jan 24, 2018

Hebei Heng Bo asked the jury to determine the dispute between it and Apple about high-purity vanadium, a raw material used to make sapphire glass--a contract.

Hebei Heng Bo called for the cancellation of the current contract with Apple, to seek Apple compensation for violating the terms of the contract caused by economic losses. If the court does not support its claim, Hebei Heng Bo requires Apple to execute its original contract.

Although no mention of specific figures, Apple and Hebei Heng Bo's contract amount, or the expected loss of Hebei Heng Bo more than 75,000 U.S. dollars-the United States Federal Court in the civil dispute cases of the lower limit of the amount of litigation.

Today's lawsuit underscores Apple's bumpy journey to use sapphire glass in its mobile products.

2013, Apple and sapphire glass maker GT Advanced Technologies reached a $578 million agreement to build a large sapphire glass manufacturing plant in Arizona, State. According to the agreement, GT Advanced Technologies will invest about 900 million dollars in the project, 439 million of which is Apple advance.


In the months before the agreement, Apple has been rumoured to be considering using sapphire glass in mobile hardware such as the iphone and ipad.

The GT Advanced Technologies filed for bankruptcy protection in 2014-what Apple called an "accident"-marked the failure of the plan. In a filing with the bankruptcy court, GT Advanced Technologies said the Apple contract was unsustainable and Apple's demands were "unbearable and annoying".

Apple said it had tried to help the latter continue to perform its contract before the GT Advanced Technologies declared bankruptcy protection, but it was doomed to failure by the delay in resolving the passing rate of sapphire glass and mismanagement.

At the end of 2014, Apple reached an agreement to resolve the 439 million dollar outstanding debt of GT Advanced Technologies.

At present, Apple's use of sapphire glass is limited to some Apple Watch screens, Touch ID fingerprint sensors and iphone rear camera protection covers.

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