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LED Mask to upgrade! Taiwan Institute of Technology Research and development of film to help skin lock collagen protein

Jan 24, 2018

Recently, Taiwan Industrial Research Institute has led mask to upgrade, research and development of the first film, the use of ultra-thin photoconductive thin film and micro-nano-transfer printing and other patented technology, so full of 48 630nm Red LED can be evenly exposed to the face, and the light film led configuration also avoid the eye, reduce the risk of eye irritation.

Fibroblast (fibroblast) is a kind of cell that synthesizes extracellular matrix and collagen protein, the key role in the healing of biological wounds, according to Taiwan Institute of Research Institute, said the 20-minute irradiation on the mother's cell, 24 hours later, the number of fibroblasts can increase to 43.7%, can slow the loss of collagen.

Compared to mainframe units, miniaturized led Phototherapy to face is to maintain the stability and safety of Energy, Taiwan Institute of Measurement Center, researcher Zhaozhiqiang said, the General beauty salon's machine, relatively high energy, and daily quantitative irradiation of red light, its cell proliferation and the results of a similar clinic, And the degree of cell tolerance is not a single overdose.

Red-Blue-Waterproof-LED-Linear-Lights-with-Grow-Lighting (1).jpg

In the future, the institute also plans to expand the application of red led, hoping to expand to pregnancy care, skin repair and intimate care.

Red LED lighting was not originally for the purpose of beauty, the United States Space Agency (NASA) and the Wisconsin Space Automation and Robotics Center (WCSAR) research, in order to allow astronauts to plant plants in the air station, they began to study red led, and then found that its wavelength can promote the growth of plants, and can promote cell metabolism, can alleviate the astronaut muscle atrophy condition and accelerate the wound healing speed.

The research shows that the wavelength 680 nm, 730nm Red LED spectrum and 880nm near infrared LED lamp, have good effect on skin. and led research volume with the price of the increase, recent research also found that Blu-ray led and yellow led respectively can delay acne growth and soothing sensitive skin.

Shrinking phototherapy instrument

The American Consumer Electronics Show (CES) also has related led phototherapy apparatus, Swedish beauty brand Foreo will be such as cosmetic mirror size of the beauty instrument of the combination of UFO and app, the machine is divided into three kinds of wavelength styles, Blu-ray LED can promote the cycle, green LED is to brighten the complexion, red LED is to delay aging, The user will be able to complete the maintenance by placing the corresponding mask on a different UFO and sliding the face for 90 seconds.

Red-Blue-Waterproof-LED-Linear-Lights-with-Grow-Lighting (2).jpg

UFO with LED phototherapy, hyperthermia, cold treatment and special shock wave technology, can help skin absorb the essence of the mask, and greatly reduce the time to apply the mask, can also use the app to adjust the wavelength intensity and machine vibration frequency, etc., can be adjusted for different skin quality.

But the phototherapy machine is not a beauty panacea, not everyone can use phototherapy instruments, for patients with cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases, but also need to wear protective goggles, to avoid damage to the eyes, and light will produce red, itching and other allergic phenomena, and also not suitable for the use of phototherapy devices.

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