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After the UK vegetables shortage, Taiwan led plant or can fill vacancies

Jan 29, 2018

Into the Taoyuan in Taiwan, the source of fresh wisdom Farm, layer up to 14 layers of vertical planting space, a glance to see the end of the green vegetables and dazzling LED lights, give people the feeling of science fiction movies.

SOURCE Fresh Group Chairman Cai Wenqing said, Wisdom Farm covers about 800 ping, unit area capacity is 100 times times the traditional agriculture, Nissan up to 1.6 tons, one of the world's largest, the current production of more than 30 species of vegetables.

The concept of the source fresh farm is in recent years in the global trend of the "Plant Factory (plant Factory)", the application of highly environmental control of agriculture, a closed growth system, and artificial control of light, temperature and nutrition, can produce perennial vegetables.

植物生长灯 3.jpg

The source is the first Chinese plant factory in Taiwan to be invested in the UK. Cai Wenqing said that after the British off Europe may face the rise in import prices, at this time, the introduction of plant technology, can be used to produce customized vegetables, to fill the British vegetable vacancy.

Source is expected in April in the United Kingdom, York, the National Agricultural Food Innovation Park (Agri-food Innovation Campus) set up an experimental plant, the British side offers a number of investment concessions, the team also have British and Danish experts, with Nissan 50 kg as the target, First do marketing and promotion.

Catherine Nettleton, a British representative at the Taiwan office, said in a letter to the Central News agency that the source of the Tang Kailin in the UK is a good message, "This will be the best example of the United Kingdom and Taiwan in advanced science and technology to bring people high quality food in the future."

Cai Wenqing said that the mass production plant will be completed by the end of the year, the estimated Nissan 10 tons, to many items of lettuce as the main force, hoping to Taiwan's own formula, so that the British salad bowl richer.

According to the report of the environment, Food and Rural Affairs Department of the United Kingdom (Department for Environnement, Food & Rural Affairs), in 2016, the UK imports about 6500 tonnes of vegetables a day, in Spain and the Netherlands; vegetable items are tomatoes, lettuce, Cauliflower mainly.


Cai Wenqing said that source fresh agriculture in recent years and "plant doctor" known as the University of ZTE Plant pathology Professor Cai Dong Technical cooperation, the use of biotechnology, statistical analysis, the establishment of fruit and vegetable growth of large data, the wisdom of the farm input volume production, or even by the combination of parameters, to provide customer demand for vegetables.

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